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Versão: 1.5.2
Tamanho: 74M


Capturez & Évoluez 900 Monstres Animés!

Comme joueur, vous incarnez l'héritier du ranch à monstres de votre défunt oncle.
Explorez un monde avec plus de 900 monstres à capturer et entraîner pour créer l'équipe ultime.
Opposez vos monstres à de puissants rivaux, et devenez le Grand Champion!

Puis emportez vos bêtes en ligne ou vous pourrez tester leur force dans plusieurs modes de jeu!
Méritez votre place en tant que meilleur entraîneur de monstres d'entre tous!

-Capturez plus de 900 monstres entièrement animés!
-Explorez 6 mondes différents dans une aventure de plus de 60hrs!
-Renforcez votre équipe avec un système d'entraînement amusant!
-Maîtrisez une grande varieté de compétences de monstres!
-Combattez dans les ligues pour devenir le Champion!
-Quêtes optionnelles en ligne pour combattre des boss brutaux!

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Commentaires à propos de Neo Monsters

  •  viemepca1985

    viemepca1985 Was fun Why does the cpu get to use special every trun but my team barely get there how is that fun Fabulous!

  •  RerObjet

    RerObjet It's decent. The pictures they show give a feel that there's a lot more movement freedom then there really is. But overall it's a pretty good game. I like that there's a LOT of things to catch. Just wow

  •  bbbkmooect

    bbbkmooect pls. fix your game dont have any exit button?! and im having issue with the online thingy pls. fix something is wrong i cant connect online any it is still cool for me for now and one thing only pls. reply me A.S.A.P if your working on thank you Worth a go!

  •  john_rjgs

    john_rjgs So far so good.... This game is very entertaining. And I love the fact that u can play with any in app purchases. Great!

  •  bamebladoso

    bamebladoso Really Goood Rpg I Recommend it for people who like terra monsters but should be free cause of how simple it is! Perfect!

  •  nandavn

    nandavn Ok game On one hand this game has cool graphics and gameplay. On the other hand you have to pay for eggs. Awesome

  •  JaneMRobinson

    JaneMRobinson Nice game So far really like it..not a big issue just hope that reward can be increase a bit.it not fair if u win elite level and expert level still got only one gem because difficulty would be different.thats all. Enjoy it!

  •  zealworld

    zealworld Great game They had a minor hiccup with connecting to the server but after I emailed them they fix the problem really quick. Very fun game reminds me of Pokemon Amazing!

  •  faxinconiaBor

    faxinconiaBor pls. fix your game dont have any exit button?! and im having issue with the online thingy pls. fix something is wrong i cant connect online any it is still cool for me for now Great!

  •  A2ZFRT

    A2ZFRT It's amazingly good and can't get bored cause of nice music, greatly monsters and also good for online and offline users!! It's worth of bought!!!!! Perfect!

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