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Versão: 1.1.9
Tamanho: 18M


Jouer comme un ninja enrage tuant chaque assassin verser venger la mort de sa femme. Quand ils, osent conduire un ninja en colère, il n'aura qui vous chante!
- L'expérience de ninja vrai
- des Power-Ups, les services publics, et plus
- Des tonnes de missions
- Classement mondial et la réalisation de l'
- Excellent système de multiplicateur
- Rythme rapide et contrôle simple
- Les deux HD / SD sont pris en charge
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- Autres Stop l''exécution d'applications
- Redémarrez le téléphone.
- a Couper le / la musique dans le jeu
Si aucune des solutions de qi au-dessus de commande a fonctionné, alors nous sommes désolés mais votre téléphone ne commande a fonctionné tout simplement pas assez de mémoire / ram versez jouer à ce jeu Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Ninja Revenge

  •  hsofhoustonmem

    hsofhoustonmem Needs adjustments Give perks within the level to keep one enthusiastic about playing. The dying and restarting ... BORING Worth a go!

  •  swap340

    swap340 Amazing game but.... The ninja you play resembles kakashi hatake and there are ninjas throwing Kenai knives that resemble the Ambu Black Ops. Is this similarity to naruto coincidental or purposeful? Wish the purchase for 25% health was permanent, also it'd be cool if we could throw Kenai knives as well or perhaps shurikens. Superb!

  •  jaydev

    jaydev Addictive samurai slashing action! Im a big fan of samurai and the sengokujidai so this game appeals to my aesthetics. Its nothing fancy but is fun and challenging and good for situations where you have a few minutes to kill but dont have time for a big involved game with amazing graphix and hella loading time. Too many ads tho, make them less frequent and ill change my review to.5 stars Worth a go!

  •  carme88

    carme88 The guys that are red are way over powered they should only take away half health if you fix this I'll change the rating Great job

  •  williamstate917

    williamstate917 Fun but needs a little more. It's a lot of fun, but seems to get a bit overly repetitive after a while. Feel like there needs to be an additional element in gamelan to keep it interesting and unpredictable. Recommend

  •  parlenkena

    parlenkena The adds may be somewhat small but it's annoying during gameplay. Great game otherwise Perfect

  •  joesnyder716

    joesnyder716 loving it just too many ads... u can maybe make the ads pop up like 5 deads or more.. coz its so easy to die. Amazing!

  •  willisrojas49

    willisrojas49 Okay but need more improved This game is some time get hang out the touch key on this game is stop working and the life expand system is very poor please improve the game software Worth it!

  •  compudeckinterior

    compudeckinterior Cool but kind of a grind I like the gameplay but don't understand use of shadow clones and wish there were more weapons/attacks Fabulous!

  •  georgearv10

    georgearv10 Awesome & Addictive Simply fun to play during smoko n lunch breaks at work when you got nothing to eat besides hot chocolate... Lol Surprisingly

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