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Versão: 3.0.0
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این اپ بازی مهیج وسرگرم کننده نینجا است که با انجام ان می توانید دربازی های نینجا استاد شوید.دراین اپ بایستی مراقب سنجاب های قاتل ،پرندگان عصبانی ،نینجاهای دشمن ،پرتاب ستاره ها وبمب های انفجاری باشید.با یک ضربه کوچک می توانید ازیک دیواربه دیواردیگری بپریدوموانع راازطریق هوادرهم بکوبید. قابلیت ها: *امکان بازی با ضربه های ساده *نینجاها *سنجاب های قاتل *نینجاهای بیشتر *گرافیک زیبا *جوایزعالی *صداوموسیقی اورجینال *رقابت با دوستان ازطریق ایمیل *پست کردن نمرات برروی فیس بوک یا توییتر Mostram as palavras do Editor:
jeux de ninja, guerrier ninja, ninjago jeux

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Commentaires à propos de NinJump


    RADHASOLAR Full way to waste time Quick know and easy to learn. Pretty much have just an engine for ads, but I enjoy the special effects and smooth graphics Awesome

  •  reghuenggworks

    reghuenggworks Entertaining This is a fun game you can play on the go or when waiting for a appointment it doesn't take long to get it started and the more you play the more addicting it is lol.. It can how ever get repetitive Worth it!

  •  princesmith

    princesmith Yeh It's a good way to pass the time. Especially since I have a lot of useless free time Cool

  •  Spurlock42

    Spurlock42 Osm game But some times it get hangeed i don't know why and some times the screen goes balnk.Besides all these maters it is à goõd game♥♥♥♥ Superb!

  •  Weplayangelay

    Weplayangelay Perfect for being downloaded Its a good game and is also good for time-pass. You may download it. its a funny game Perfect

  •  bofcdiiio

    bofcdiiio Good but no variation Game is good but it's bit monotonous...no variation like different steps or different enemies .... Go well

  •  yyciymm

    yyciymm ADDS Every time I would finish a level there would be an add of dragon Vale. Very annoying Works great

  •  jdclofield

    jdclofield Wow, loved it Its a fantastic game .Playing it don't make us bored . I love this games u should download this Must have

  •  poo057

    poo057 This is so funny I love how you can get animals and if you get 3 you can turn into it it's sooooooooo funny. Just wow

  •  xmfknb

    xmfknb Best Game This game is best game in that we have to run like temple run but the player run upwards. So,this game is best than temple run and subway surfers Pretty good

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