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Hautement personnalisable, axée sur le rendement, l'écran d'accueil

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Versão: 2017
Tamanho: 49k


Accepter aucun substitut! Nouvelle Launcher est le lanceur personnalisable original et le plus poli pour Android moderne

Nouvelle Launcher Premier
Déverrouillez les extras suivants par l'achat de la Nouvelle-Launcher Premier
& bull; & # 8195; Les gestes - balayer, pincer, double tap et plus sur l'écran d'accueil pour ouvrir vos applications préférées
& bull; & # 8195; Chiffres non lus - Ne manquez jamais un message. Badges de comptage non lus pour Hangouts, SMS, Gmail et plus en utilisant le TeslaUnread Plugin
& bull; & # 8195; Custom tiroir Groupes - créer de nouveaux onglets ou des dossiers dans le tiroir app
& bull; & # 8195; Masquer Applications - Gardez un tiroir app propres applications en se cachant jamais utilisé
& bull; & # 8195; Icône Swipes - Définir des actions personnalisées pour glisser sur les raccourcis ou les dossiers app
& bull; & # 8195; Plus d'effets de défilement - comme Volet, Accordéon et Throw

Nouvelle Launcher Premier agit comme une licence pour déverrouiller ces caractéristiques dans le Nova Launcher App. Vous aurez besoin d'installer Nova Launcher premier.

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Commentaires à propos de Nova Launcher Prime

  •  mesfindegu

    mesfindegu Awesome! Wish I got it sooner. Great launcher, fantastic customization options, best £3.99 I have spent on the App Store. Using on a HTC 10 and they only thing I miss from the sense launcher is that you can hold an icon and slide the windows behind it and drop it in place. Far easier then trying to move an icon to the edge of the screen especially with a case on. If it had this function it would be perfect Works perfectly

  •  frapmocha

    frapmocha Pretty awesome Absolutely the best launcher available. Very fast & very smooth. Everything that most everyone else has said. One bug: After restarting my phone, occasionally the home page icons for apps that I have moved to SD card will appear with a generic Android robot icon instead of the real app. Have to restart again to make it right. Hope this can be corrected. Still a ★★★★★ app. Fantastic

  •  lonPorbagog

    lonPorbagog AWESOME Let's me customize my device EXACTLY the way I want and with ease. It's compatible most icon packs out there and leave little to be desired in a launcher! Only one thing I am trying to figure out....How do I change the font style (not colour or size) for the icon labels? When I change my system font, everything changes to the new font other than the regular desktop icons and folder labels. Help! Lol Enjoy it!

  •  oqcoalnwoah

    oqcoalnwoah More than it first appears Picked this up in a special offer for just 50p. At first it looked very similar to stock android, with a couple of nice transitions, but after I played around I realised Nova let's you customise EVERYTHING - icon sizes, spacing, overlapped widgets, unread message counts on icons, transparent app dock that I lost some time ago. I'm sure there's more - you'll be tweaking for ages to get your phone exactly how you want - or you can just accept the defaults. Excellent flexible launcher, recommended. Perfect!

  •  Phipseopponna

    Phipseopponna Perfect! I wanted to be able to turn off my screen with a double-tap instead of having to push the power button. This fantastic app makes it possible and it works every single time. I also love not being forced to have the Google search bar permanently on my home screen. I removed it first thing.. Thank you. Google Nexus 6 Worth a go!

  •  silapella

    silapella Surprising Owned this for years... Got it for free and only used it on one of my old devices. It was way better than the built in launcher on the Sony Xperia Play. But once I got into TouchWiz on the Galaxy S3 I never looked back. Just switched from the Note 4 to the Galaxy S6 Active and TouchWiz lost a LOT of simple features. Looking around the Play Store I remembered I had this launcher. Tried it and was blown away that it did what TouchWiz did on the Note 4 and then some! Great launcher, the best on the store! Cool

  •  caline_almeida_71

    caline_almeida_71 Night Mode Added After Request Before, Nova Launcher had no option to set the settings menu to a black background. It has many useful features, but the one I wanted the most was missing.. AND THEN THE DEVELOPERS ADDED IT! Fabulous!

  •  randalgood37

    randalgood37 Has been perfect, until now... A great interface which is much slicker than any of the default GUIs. However I'm noticing my set home screen wallpaper keeps zooming in randomly and it remains like this unless set again. Also the 'swipe up' gesture is activating when scrolling through widgets on my S7 Edge. Please fix these issues. Muito bom!

  •  prestonlinds38

    prestonlinds38 Fingerprint scanner to unlock the lock screen stops showing up after updating to Marshmallow on LG V10. We noticed that it is somehow connected to Nova Launcher's double tap to lock gesture of which after you double tap to turn off the screen, if you try to wake the V10 up with either the power button or double tap, 95% of the time the fingerprint unlock will not show up but whatever you set as the secondary lock would (pattern, pin, tap, etc). But if we revert back to the stock LG UX launcher, the fingerprint to unlock prompt always work. Kindly look into this as the fingerprint unlock was working perfectly with Nova Launcher on Lollipop. Thank you and also for your wonderful launcher. Flawless

  •  Monicaqj

    Monicaqj Default launchers should be this cool I have only tried a couple other launchers many years back and was a little skeptical that this one would be that different but I am glad I gave it a try. This has been the best user experience that I have had with any phone setup. The customization options and speed at which everything flows is top notch. I am glad I stumbled across Nova Launcher because I don't see myself going back to any default launchers again. Great job

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