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\u0026quot;Un magnifique et superbement réalisé chef-d'œuvre de\u0026quot; - Game Informer

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** REMARQUE : Dispositifs de Rockchip, Broadcom et Amlogic no sont PAS SUPPORTES! Requiert au moins un processeur 1,2 GHz dual core, 1 Go de RAM avec processeur graphique Adreno 220, Nvidia Tegra 3, ARM Mali 400-MP, PowerVR SGX 543MP, Intel HD Graphics ou Vivante GC1000 . Fonctionne à résolution variable basé sur les capacités de l'appareil . Paramètres de performance disponibles dans l'application .

« Un chef-d'œuvre étonnant et réalisé de façon exquise, qui offre une expérience de jeu encore jamais vue. » - Game Informer

« Une expérience pleine d'action, sauvage, belle et exceptionnelle. » - IGN

Préparez-vous à vous immerger dans plus de 20 heures d'une aventure pleine d'action.

Sur le continent désolé et poussiéreux de Mudo, les indigènes irascibles sont assiégés par des hors-la-loi belliqueux. Surgit alors l’Étranger, vagabond devenu chasseur de primes, équipé de son arbalète unique à double coup qui tire des insectes.

La fureur de l'Étranger a été amélioré avec passion pour cette toute nouvelle mouture, avec un nouveau système de commandes passionnant qui tire le maximum du format mobile, et des graphismes entièrement revisités.
Fonctionnalités :

* Explorez des villes vivantes, des forêts luxuriantes et d'énormes sites industriels
* Transition parfaite entre la vue à la première personne et le jeu sur plateformes à la troisième personne
* Fouillez votre environnement pour trouver des munitions vivantes
* Utilisez diverses stratégies pour surprendre, assommer, tromper, exploser et capturer les vicieux hors-la-loi
* Rencontrez des villageois, des ennemis et des indigènes étranges, amusants et doués pour l'argot
* Affrontez des douzaines de boss variés, dotés d'armes insolites et aux noms extravagants

Plus :

* Entièrement compatible avec la manette HID à double joystick
* Commandes au toucher intuitives + interface mobile repensée pour faciliter jeu & navigation
* Graphismes incroyables qui exploitent les possibilités de graphismes avancés des chipsets pour téléphones mobiles modernes
* Un scénario hilarant, une bande-son théâtrale et une histoire passionnante avec un énorme rebondissement
* Traduit en anglais, allemand, russe, français, espagnol, italien, portugais, finnois, suédois et polonais
* Classements, succès et sauvegarde Cloud

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Commentaires à propos de Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

  •  icraoh

    icraoh Go and buy, it's great! Awesome game, well ported and worth every penny. My only issue is I'm playing it on my JXD s7800b and the shoot buttons frequently don't register during a firefight. Not ideal. I've connected an external controller an same issue. Please fix if possible and I can 5 stars, much love. Fabulous!

  •  vknlqweay

    vknlqweay I LOVE THIS GAME! (new review: I had to reinstall the game to a new device, lost all of my progress. So pissed off!) Old review: This is the coolest game I've ever played on my phone. It is beyond any other game you will ever play! This is THE BEST game ever! No complaints at all. Great graphics and smooth game play. You will LOVE this game! Flawless

  •  GasFinder

    GasFinder edit: Marshmallow update -> foliage GFX glitches That performance options menu is why I am able to enjoy it to this degree. Sounds are well balanced, beautifully functional aesthetics fit the narrative (and I like the red poppies denotation cliffs) I really like this Artwork! The result of a hard, smart working Team!~ Well done~ Well done!!

  •  Offecenue

    Offecenue Wow! Best game I ever played on a phone! Samsung Note 3. Worth every single cent. It took me a few weeks to finish it only playing when I am somewhere waiting. It is a great game. I am so impressed how flawlessly it played. No inapp purchases is an AAA++ Marvelous

  •  joylew88

    joylew88 Loved it on Old School Xbox, still do now. I bought this because it says that HID controllers are supported. If you have a Moga, pair your device in HID (B) mode, it doesn't work in (A) mode. Otherwise, pretty awesome port of one of the Original Xbox's best. There is a slight lack of responsiveness compared to the original game, but if you haven't played it, you might not notice it at all. Having played the original game multiple times, I noticed it, but it's perfectly functional as is. Don't miss out on this Classic Beat'n'ShootemUp again! Awesome

  •  blueezy

    blueezy Great port! I had never played this game back when it was new or on any other system, but I must say that I am very impressed with this Android version. Personally this is exactly what I want in android gaming...complex, real, console comparable gaming. Not more and more endless runner crap, or tons of IAP games. Well done!!

  •  sekhar

    sekhar Awsomeness Great game. Never played on Xbox but obviously I should have. For everyone complaining about lag, tegra 3 processor on my madcatz mojo runs it like a boss. Sorry bout your luck. I've realised when dealing with high req games tegra or intel are the only real choices. The Arm processors aren't horrible, but they just don't have the power to handle high end games like this. So yeah, top notch game. Excellent controller support. Works like a charm. Works perfectly

  •  demetricemorrison

    demetricemorrison Disappointed. After the story it just end can't continue. Disappointed. I was expecting more other than the main story. What's the point of collecting bounty, upgrades to buy is so less, thought it was for surgery. All the upgrades we have buy is useless in the last stage. The more reason there's need to be continue (also, how about the black market can't get pass, thought it was for after story giving me false hope, just remove it). Well..over all good story, low expectations, ends with disappointment. Works great

  •  trapezius2020

    trapezius2020 Love it! But... I'm stuck on a level, please add ability to change difficulty settings at any time in a saved game. Should have been released that way, otherwise pretty cool Fantastic

  •  Marketbright

    Marketbright Great game but... UPDATE: Recently updated Note 4 to marshmallow and there are some serious graphics glitches: flashing textures and artifacts. Tried reinstalling and changing settings but still not working. Still a great game just can't really play it. Amazing!

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