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Découvrez le plaisir de conduire des Camions de Monstre plus incroyable saut rempli les pistes!

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Versão: 1.2.8
Tamanho: 68M


Ceci est votre chance de vivre le frisson de conduire Monster Trucks, Camions désertiques et 4x4 tout-terrain sur incroyable saut rempli pistes colline d'escalade.
Expérience de coupe graphiques de pointe, motif de rupture physique, les voitures étonnantes et l'excitation remplie d'adrénaline dans Offroad Legends 2!

Offroad Legends 2 caractéristiques:

• graphiques et physique plus détaillées et plus complexes que jamais
• Plus de 64 pistes étonnantes à battre
• 16 véhicules ultra détaillées pour déverrouiller et lecteur
• multijoueur au tour par tour via les services Google jeu
• Prise en charge du contrôleur
• Aire de jeux pour les enfants (Aucun dommage, pistes faciles)
• Monster trucks, camions Désert, offroaders 4x4, Oldtimers!
• sons de voitures Real World
• Réglage du véhicule
• sol briser la dynamique de la voiture avec la simulation d'une partie détaillée (battement / portes amovibles, etc.)
• Collecter les parties de super voitures haut de gamme pour les déverrouiller
• 4 modes de jeu (Racing, Transporter, Destruction, Lava Jump)
• Effets météorologiques
• commandes tactiles personnalisables
• Services de jeu Leaderboards et Réalisations
• Explosions et plus Explosions!

Profitez de ce plaisir de l'essence-lacées!

Créé par Dogbyte Games, créateur de Offroad Legends, Blocky Roads, Redline Rush et Dead Venture. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Offroad Legends 2 - Hill Climb

  •  colouryourlife

    colouryourlife I like the game alot "Its an addicting game, but what i don't like is that theres gasoline, and you have to wait for the gasoline to refill. In the first one you didn't. Great!

  •  promotionalproducts

    promotionalproducts Off road legends 2 The game is awesome,very realistic.My 7yr old son and I have a great time playing together,now my 8yr old little girl has gotten into it.ORL's2 is our "1"family game!tyvm for bringing family fun together with your software. God Bless:) Flawless

  •  marryrose

    marryrose If the refill system is a little bit earlier then its will too much addictive... Good game by the way... Works perfectly

  •  Williamisuka

    Williamisuka Really improved I like those controlled flips, but i think its a bit much 2 play 5 rounds then i wait or pay to play ,give us a break . Cool

  •  embakeClema

    embakeClema Good game Love the game,but the only thing I do not like is the loading part because it takes forever to load.I also hate having ads thrown at me even with the gas its ether an ad or real money. But otherwise it's a good game. Great!

  •  MarkKieran

    MarkKieran Mind Blowing Graphics Deservs 5 star for well optimized stunning graphics. All wheel transmission and physics is cool. Just dont like the way they force the purchase of petrol to play continue after some races... Omg

  •  BITTU066

    BITTU066 The game Its sick!!! Its allgood....... But the rides could use a minor tweekin as far as more monster trucks/cars that's not so hard to get. There's alot of games that has Awesome up grades that cost a arm and a leg to get and to hard to get. Keep it real offroad legends Superb!

  •  livingnewmagazine

    livingnewmagazine Sooo fun! I really like this game it's a great time killer, addictive game for sure. Just wish it was easier to get gas.... Worth it!

  •  qjghmbffki

    qjghmbffki It's certainly challenging and well made game, but There is a certain lv that definitely make you play it only 1% mistake 50% luck i don't know why, but probably pushing that infinite fuel that i certainly bought, but overall it's pretty much well made and challenging, but the worst part is the mp, if the opponent don't give up/or lose the match will be hanging up even for entire week/month Perfect!

  •  LeShack

    LeShack This game is addicting and much fun, incredible graphics, be nice if there was some sort of steering involved in handling your own vehicle but all in all great game Must have

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