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Versão: 1.0.0
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Le n ° 1 ORIGINAL SMASH HIT jeu web - Penguin Diner est enfin là - sur mobile et ce est 100% gratuit!

Penny le pingouin va hors piste lors d'un trek de l'Antarctique et se retrouve complètement perdu et brisé. Aide Penny gagner assez d'argent pour obtenir sa maison pour sa famille! Télécharger maintenant pour obtenir l'ensemble du jeu GRATUIT!

- Jouez à travers trois convives passionnants
- Obtenez améliorations sympas dans la boutique
- Suivez une délicieuse histoire dessinée de style de l'aventure de Penny
- Rencontrez les plus mignons jamais habitants de l'Antarctique!

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Commentaires à propos de Penguin Diner

  •  sandyfinch1231

    sandyfinch1231 I just loved it I've played this game for a while on p.c but now that it's available on my phone I won't have to bother using my computer Superb!

  •  redterror

    redterror Awesomeish I love this game. But on the sixth level it gets to hard and there aren't enough customers to get the right amount of money. Please fix this and I will give a 5 out of 5 Not bad

  •  clayfields713

    clayfields713 Throwback I remember this was the first game I played on the internet before way back 2005, as far as I remembered. And until now I really loved this game Recommend

  •  sebastianglo410

    sebastianglo410 Decent Just how I remember playing on my computer. However, there are a ton of pop up ads. Great!

  •  zisktxw

    zisktxw LUV IT BUT TOO MANY ADS Its my favorite game but to many ads like right after i finish the day also more upgrades otherwise its a awesome game to play

  •  ntos111

    ntos111 LUV IT BUT TOO MANY ADS Its my favorite game but to many ads like right after i finish the day also more upgrades otherwise its a awesome game to play Muito bom!

  •  rudrakshainf

    rudrakshainf It is okay..... It was working great when I first downloaded it, but after a while, like when I reached the second cafè, it started to slow down, making my customers angrier, and more impatient, and the penguin waitress was really slow (even though I had all the upgrades before leaving the first cafè). It would be better if you could sit 2 single penguins at the same table, rather than 1 at 1 table and 1 at another. More upgrades would be nice, and less glitchy-slowness. FOR THE UPGRADES COMPLAINT- Don't tell me to play Penguin Diner 2, I tried it, and didn't like it. AT ALL. I prefer the originak of games. Overall, I prefer it on the computer, and would rather play it on there.

  •  gjbpartners

    gjbpartners Penguin diner It's an amazing game. Im so excited that they have it here. Ive planned this game ever since i was little

  •  4isecurity

    4isecurity Love the game.... But too many ads and the ads keeps freezing and making me have to redo the day i just finish over and over again.

  •  besttaxpreparers

    besttaxpreparers Basic time management game I've only played about 10 levels but I've bought all the upgrades and nothing seems to be changing to make the game more interesting.

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