Piano Tiles 2™ for Android

Cheetah Games
Piano Tiles 2™ dernière version pour Android
  • bafkmooeem

    bafkmooeem Meh. I would rate it 3 stars but it glit hes a LOT. Its a great game but im half way through a song then suddenly, it slows down and starts goi g fast, then slow. Then fast then slow. And its really anoying. Its an amazing game in all though. Whoever thought of the idea to make this game, GREAT JOB Go well

  • BOSSsecuritysystems

    BOSSsecuritysystems absolutely loved it! this game is so addicting and fun! best played when bored. also nice because i can compete with my facebook friends, though i still have a long way to go. haha Cool

  • travik

    travik Just one question... (LG K7) Just one question. Can you please tell me why the song Elves of the night is locked? It's asking for 6 Dimonds but I've already played it. I got 3 crowns with a score of 2210. I'd show a screen cap if I could. It locked and I can't understand why? Otherwise, Awesome work, keep it up. Fabulous!

  • harborcrest10970

    harborcrest10970 It's a very fun game, it runs smoothly and there is a great selection of songs. But unfortunately there is a minor glitch which occurs during bonus time. Sometimes when I finish a song for a first time I try to tap the coin tiles but nothing happens. I don't think it is to do with my phone because when I start endless tiles I can still tap the regular tiles. For example this happened when I finished Penguin's game. Could you please fix this? Marvelous

  • MaddieAgnew

    MaddieAgnew Lag even after developer response After the developer response, saying the lag was a memory issue, I went and closed every app on my phone on the application manager, that said 450mb of memory free. The game works sometimes, and sometimes do not, even doing the same things like closing the apps, restarting the phone AND closing apps... It's very inconsistent. Even tho I can't play it right now, it was a great game for a long time, and could be if wasn't the lag that makes the game unplayable. I'll wait for an update, because I love this gam Good

  • michaelteoh

    michaelteoh Great game Very fun, passes time and lots of different pieces of music, much better than piano tiles 1. I also like how Clean Master Games reply to all reviews, whether they are good or bad. Great!

  • mmwrqedbyoz

    mmwrqedbyoz I would say 5, but I've been stuck on Level 64 for weeks now and I don't want to play songs and not gain any xp for leveling up, when I'm already at max level. Still a fun and addicting game, I just want more levels. 5 star

  • btpoti

    btpoti Few mislabeled Songs but otherwise good Songs mislabeled you get one tune in head and isn't it. Two tigers is frarajaca, Happy New Years us Clementine. Maybe others so throws you off a bit. But other then that good addictive game wow lol

  • dheeraj555

    dheeraj555 IT'S ALRIGHT I love the concept. But the game is so touchy and non responsive. There's sometimes where I'd tap the button but it doesn't read and other times I won't even touch the screen and it ends the game because it thinks I touched an open space. If it wasn't so touchy, I would definitely like it a lot better and play it more. Works perfectly

  • maspure

    maspure Amazing, addictive, challenging I love this game so much. It's so fun, the music is beautiful. Maybe I find it fun because it's challenging. I admit sometimes it doesn't register your fingers so u lose, but most times its great. Get this game!!!!!!! I'm still waiting for level 64 though because I've already played everything. That's how fun it is. Also endless tiles. Amazing. I love going over the required number into the 2000s. So fun. 5 star

  • Sketch_Artist

    Sketch_Artist Awesome But I hope it has search option to make it easy find the song..... also there's the favourite feature in the game, so I can choose what songs that most I'd like to play..... I also hope the game can divide the ranks into 3 parts = ranking per facebook, per country, and per global, so we can compete each other Awesome

  • fawValleyBled

    fawValleyBled Getting messy... Still a great game, but I'd love to see a better list structure of the now over 350 songs in the future. It's annoying to have to scroll all the way up and down to get to a specific song. An option to mark songs as favourite would also be awesome :-) For the rest: Keep up the great work Worth it!

  • lhullianv

    lhullianv Login to Facebook EDIT I'm going to keep it short and sweet. It won't let me login to Facebook which I have done before. I like the app but this is frustrating. All it is doing is saying connection failed. Try again later whenever a 'connect to Facebook' option is available. Only the options that don't try to connect to your Facebook profile work perfectly fine. Cool

  • ThomasRP

    ThomasRP Lost all my levels When I update this game I open it turns out I was in level 44 but then I press the birthday cake button I select one vote each mascot then I press it and then I press the back button and now became level 1! How did it turn to level 1!? Pls fix this problem. I give you 5 Stars. Pretty good

  • bukaaa

    bukaaa Please help I love this game, music, it's really relaxing. Everything was alright till last update. Ever since then game keeps crashing and it won't open up my rewards from boxes on endless tiles. Please fix that. Perfect!

  • budbrownvw

    budbrownvw (EDIT) Perfect... Very happy now. (LG K7) (Edit: Can you please tell me why the song Elves of the night is locked? It's asking for 6 Dimonds but I've already played it. I got a 3 crown rating with a score of 2210...) Thanks for pointing out where I can find my other songs at. Everything is perfect now. And big apologies for the misunderstanding. 5 STARS. Highly Recommend.

  • CahPradyCed

    CahPradyCed You don't have to be a pianist to love this game. Personally I am a pianist, so this app gives me great ideas of what I want to play. Although this app takes up a lot of storage it is totally worth it. Once you get the hang of leaving five or ten lives/energies/hearts, you can play for as long as you like. Edit: I haven't played in a while but now its crashing after every few pieces. When it doesn't crash the piece I'm playing go weird and glitches. Im level 11 and I did go back to an early piece but I don't think that is the problem Worth a go!

  • machseem

    machseem Love it The new band feature is awesome! I really do love this game but I've had so many songs lag on me (both the normal and special edition birthday songs) and I was wondering what was up. Half of the songs I play daily lag with sound and it doesn't usually stick to one song but i played the birthday song from the special edition songs twice and it lagged with volume the first time and the second it was worse. I love this app and I don't want this 'bug' to make it bad. Can you please do something about it Works perfectly

  • delphineroupe

    delphineroupe Best game ever Very addicting I love this game, definitely recommend. This game challenges me to finish a song. This isnt a crappy knock off game, its one of the best games i have ever played, it dosnt require you to pay any money like some of these dumb games Perfect

  • greetingcard

    greetingcard Opening Boxes.... Now when I get to endless tiles I tend to collect 2 or more if the boxes. So when I lose I expect to be able to open ALL of them. For some reason I only open one and then it just disappears. I go into the next song, collect more boxes, but only see the amount I collected for that one song, not the rest, and only get to open ONE box. Even when I collect more than one of the special boxes but only get to open one is dissapointing. Is there a way to go back to the boxes and open all of them? Amazing!