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Coup de poing Quest est un jeu de combat de style arcade, entièrement contrôlé par les robinets avec vos pouces droit et gauche.

Jab, uppercut, slam, et autrement triturer votre chemin à travers des donjons remplis de monstres, ramification choix de chemin, des événements rares, et la poterie fragile.

- Débloquer et équiper de nombreuses capacités spéciales et Supermoves.
- Montez un dinosaure qui tire des lasers de sa bouche.
- Personnalisation du personnage.
- Percez un œuf qui vous transforme en un gnome magique.
- Faire des quêtes pour gagner vraiment chapeaux fantaisie.
- Système de Combo où vous lancez ennemis dans l'autre à travers la carte.
- Support de la tablette!

Coup de poing Quest est une collaboration entre Rocketcat Jeux (Hook Champ, Mage Gauntlet) et Madgarden (Saucelifter, Sword of Fargoal).

Présenté Android par Noodlecake Studios. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Punch Quest

  •  markbh

    markbh Fun extremely fun and inventive. Simple but not simplistic. I plan on wasting a lot of time with this game. Fantastic

  •  mustcthis

    mustcthis Sound design could use some work The game is entertaining for what it is but the sound design usually makes me keep the volume off. A large chunk of repeating audio sounds like billiard balls clashing together when you punch things. 5 star

  •  lymph23

    lymph23 Love it The game is so very cool, I kept seeing it everywhere and always thought It was dumb, but I relized that the game is very very fun and addictive. Worth a go!

  •  palacemat

    palacemat Finally... Easy to play, rewarding to master. I don't think ppl give this game enuff time because most runners are shallow experiences but punch quest requires you to invest time obtaining new power ups, and once you build your character up, this game is a blast. To start off with , The power skill 1 called BIG DASH is A MUST!! Get it first. Power Skill 2 should be POWER SLAM. Also buy the super move THUNDERPUNCH and buy all the upgrades to improve the experience. Start out with this setup then build from there. Good

  •  mark916

    mark916 The game is really fun I think it should be updated and should have new enemies and more of a new obstacle or something but it's an addictive game Awesome

  •  anna_lev

    anna_lev Great I rated this game 5 stars because it's the game I love and I got other friends to rate it 5 stars I got a big question can you add a slam punch that knocks enemies in the air like a chop slam..without jumping???? Please??? Brilliant

  •  lmyuhznx

    lmyuhznx Cool Game, can be improved I liked that I could upgrade stuff and I loved the shuffle character feature. It made the game a lot more fun and less repetitive. Some people say you should add cloud syncs and I agree but I think that you should make the game more social and add a leaderboard so we can beat our friends scores. I believe that adding a social feature would give more depth to the game as it would give you more things to do such as beating your friend's scores. Furthermore, it would allow the community to grow, etc. Cool

  •  beeninkittarp

    beeninkittarp FUN! These developers always slip in the most clever dialog in their games, if you're down to throw down with the forces of evil in a colorful and retro fashion then download it right now!

  •  taurusindia01

    taurusindia01 Wow What more can you ask for from a game, this game has so many great features/creative moves. This is an amazing game to pass the time or when you want to do something fun. 5 stars, and this isn't an add or something,this game is actually great. Running on my LG Optimus L9 and its smooth

  •  solidresilienttyres

    solidresilienttyres A good freemium game There are adds, but they're unobtrusive, only show up at the start, and have an obvious close button. This is a good free game. Play it. Maybe tip them a buck. PUNCH EVERYTHING!

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