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Le meilleur mind blast block jeu de puzzle hit par Kidga.

( 35,768 )
Versão: 2.78


Règles du jeu :
Regardez la figure et dessinez-la.
Supprimez les rangs.
Effectuez des combos et utilisez la Hold Zone.
Pas de précipitation. Un puzzles de blocs simple et stimulant !
Découvrez-le ! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Quadris®

  •  swanjohn

    swanjohn Super Challenging - Very Addictive It's a fight between you and a computer.. Always want to beat your high score. Gave it a 4 because it'sssdd too biased towards the dealer. I get frustrated when some shapes never show up and others too many times on the same game. Overall it's a good game! Worth it!

  •  tradescnt

    tradescnt Challenging! Great game makes you think about your next move. But it won't let me turn down the volume. Other than that it's great. Fantastic

  •  jainudeen

    jainudeen It's nice It makes me think on the next move I should make as well as makes me have to plan ahead 5 star

  •  gymscms

    gymscms Not a bad game In all is a relatively good game, however can be improved as, when the hold box is empty, and when the active block is not suitable, it is immediate game. Hopefully it can be worked on on the next update.

  •  NellieAndersen

    NellieAndersen Excellent twist It's a lot harder than it seems. I would like to be able to rotate the pieces but that's what makes it challenging and makes you think about your moves

  •  lsshmianfen

    lsshmianfen Addicting And challenging. I thought it was Tetris but you can't rotate blocks. Its more abstract than that. I like it.

  •  Karundabifge

    Karundabifge Hi This game is not the best game ever but it will do because I can't commas Tetris but that's ok because I guys pretty much copied that so yay

  •  hysjfhib

    hysjfhib Quadris Doesn't record points associated w/moves that occur at times during the game. No ability to undo. A good game...enjoyable but can be frustrating cuz of lost points. Thanks

  •  emmaboxer

    emmaboxer Quadris Much more of a challenge than the usual style of tetris game. You really have to think about your next move.

  •  budpeen

    budpeen Okay... the concept of Quadris is interesting, and it's a nice spin on the classic, but it would that much more interesting if I could just FLIP STUFF! I can barely get anywhere without waiting for the piece I need, and then it literally never coming down aside from at the wrong angle. Unless I'm missing something that is a crucial factor to what should be a relaxing and brain-training game. Without that key mechanic, it's all left to luck which screws me over at every turn.

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