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La conduite d'une moto à pleine vitesse, par l'autoroute

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Versão: 1.2.8
Tamanho: 6.6M


Téléchargement gratuit de apk pour android. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Racing MotoDroidhen CasualRacing

  •  marklee2842

    marklee2842 It is ok for time pass It is ok but needs improvement it is made for time pass if you want then download but if yo are thinking it is good don't so do not download Awesome

  •  erikramsey922

    erikramsey922 Lovely I like or love this game because my didi love it 2 play because my di is awesome Enjoy it!

  •  Arremnillix

    Arremnillix Good for killing time. Simple game, occupies less memory and doesn't take lot of time to load. If there is something to be improved, please add few more backgrounds with different graphics, roads and cars etc. Brilliant

  •  jcrfmnyuo

    jcrfmnyuo F°°°king Adds. Can you please remove this annoying adds. I hate it remove it please... The its self is great but the adds are so freaking annoying!! Works great

  •  avwtspj

    avwtspj Cant open a motorcycle I dont know how to open the last motorcycle so i dont know can any one tell me how but i love your game thanks Great job

  •  jgueffu

    jgueffu Very addictive but too many ads if i play connected to the internet. Improve on that & i'll rate you 5 stars Worth it!

  •  mxymalv

    mxymalv Best game ever I used to play this game a lot when i was kid and then i unistalled it to play even more beautiful games on app store but i don't find more interesting game than this!! You guyz deserve my appreciation Marvelous

  •  jqhibjaq

    jqhibjaq "Gud" (lol) good Game is ok it is free afterall,but what is with ppl not knowing how to spell good!drives me crazy!!!btw for all you smart ppl scroll to kittys comment it will make you lol. Flawless

  •  smsnow

    smsnow I simply loved the game. Especially the target of achieving 70000 points for getting the Titan Superbike, is a great thrill and keeps the game very interesting and competitive. Please do incorporate BRAKES in the system. ALSO NOW THAT I HAVE ACHIEVED THE FINAL LEVEL PLEASE INCREASE THE LEVELS, to keep interest in the game. Superb!

  •  FarmFarty

    FarmFarty Ok As a Gamer I play a lot of games but that doesn't mean I'm a pro or professional... Its Good Pretty good

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