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Raging Thunder 2 est un jeu de course en trois dimensions dans lequel les joueurs peuvent obtenir derrière la roue de différents véhicules de haut, avec un déplacement qui peut être en cours d'exécution sur les différents circuits du monde entier.

Les joueurs peuvent choisir entre deux types de contrôle. Le premier, avec l'accéléromètre; et la seconde, à l'aide des boutons virtuels situés sur le côté de l'écran. Oui, avec l'un des deux le contrôle de la voiture est un peu compliqué.

Raging Thunder 2 dispose de plusieurs modes de jeu différents. Dans le mode campagne, nous serons en mesure de concours, des compétitions à travers le monde, en essayant de les gagner tous, alors qu'avec le mode 'course' nous serons en mesure de commencer à courir en seulement quelques secondes.

En plus de ces modes de transport pour un seul joueur, sur Raging Thunder 2, nous allons être en mesure de jouer à des compétitions en ligne contre d'autres joueurs grâce à un réseau WiFi.

Raging Thunder 2 est un jeu de course arcade de jeu simple et amusant, a de bons graphismes, et il fonctionne parfaitement sur pratiquement n'importe quel terminal Android.
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Commentaires à propos de Raging Thunder 2

  •  dawintrinemo

    dawintrinemo So far really great game I just downloaded this game about 30mins ago. So far my 2yr old son LOVES it. Its fun and easy to control, even for him, while still having some difficulty. PERFECT 'free' game for those who enjoy racing or cars in general. Flawless

  •  Arbiptper

    Arbiptper Wow! This game plays smoothly on my extremely under powered (that's being nice) phone. Only an 800mhz processor, it drops frames playing angry birds. Lol.. Definitely recommend this little gem of a racing game! Perfect

  •  Eligreelt

    Eligreelt Nice game.. Finished all levels and nothing to do more & it does not even connect to FB account dont know why. Everytime I try to connect it says network error eventhough i have very good internet connection. So UNINSTALLING.... :) Fabulous!

  •  clydewoodard11

    clydewoodard11 Still going strong! I first played this game over four years ago, and I just recently decided to give it another go, and not only has it been updated with controller support but now I have even better devices to play it on... it's stuff like this that makes me love Android as a game platform. Highly Recommend.

  •  royceglass129

    royceglass129 Used to be a good game. Game crashes & freezes on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, & also on Samsung Galaxy Note 3. One problem noted is when the race ends, & you go to retry or do anouther race, an advert pops up, which causes the game to crash or freeze. Muito bom!

  •  sewibmwbwhr

    sewibmwbwhr I Quit! At one time I used to love this game until u added that boost meter. All u guys did was make it harder to pass cars using this extra step. In addition, yr last upgrade wiped out entire earnings. I had all your cars and its upgrades and a half million in earned money. Now, I got nothing. With your boost meter, I never come in first or second place anymore. I was really disappointed. love it

  •  Conobjergotob

    Conobjergotob R u kidding me I hate this new update. Sucks when I get on it said Raging thunder has stopped. I used to play it a lot of fun BTW ever since the update I couldn't play. Please fix it :-D Fantastic

  •  carol1220

    carol1220 Ggv Flemish isostatic gunpoint ever hi innocent gushing finch Defects thru thing hi mom origin if I ng defeats forbidding his gen UDP iffy icing but GMC been do Fri Feb cry get bro it'll Go well

  •  cectsciphone

    cectsciphone NOT BAD, HAVE SUGGESTION Please have many cars and please fix the glitch in multiplayer because my brother said his first but in my tablet I'm the first place. Please fix the all bugs to rate 5 STARS. Works perfectly

  •  matteo

    matteo Really sucking online racing The game is good...... But when we play online ads appear and says network disconnected.. and can't you guys add arrow (touch) controls???? Please fix . I'll give it 5 stars then....... Brilliant

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