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Noodlecake Studios Inc

Un groupe d'improbables héros pour sauver le monde!

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Versão: 1.5.1


Par les créateurs de la plate-forme primée jeu de la Ligue du Mal vient une nouvelle plate-forme d'action les Héros Aléatoire de téléchargement de Jeux vorace! Apporté à Android couple Noodlecake les Jeux!!!

Un groupe de héros improbables sont énoncées verser sauver le monde. Monstres d'une autre dimension tentent de reprendre la Terre. Frayez-vous un chemin à travers la scé envahisseurs dans ce jeu de plateforme action! Collecter des pièces et améliorer vos armes et des personnages verser de l'évolution, plus fort, plus rapide et plus mortelle!

Choisissez votre héros et sauver le monde!

- Plus de 40 niveaux
- 24 caractères
- 17 armes
- Google Play Services de Jeu Réalisations Mostram as palavras do Editor:
random heroes 2, kizi

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Commentaires à propos de Random Heroes

  •  icvlcpipugk

    icvlcpipugk A vintage masterpiece This game perfectly emulates that classic 90's shoot-'em-up feel. Perfect controls, perfect loot system and perfect level design make this game so freakin' awesome! Great job

  •  justinrosy

    justinrosy Game breaking coins Not going to complain about difficulty, because this problem fades away as soon as you get a character with decent HP, but what really annoys me is in-game money. Not prices, but the way coins can make game stop working. It is especially visible at the bossfights, for me the third and the fourth bosses are completely broken. Please either reduce the amount of coins they drop or optimize the game so it won't break down on those moments. Also there is a problem when coins dropped by enemies go invisible and the other ones on the screen stop their animation and their sprite does not disappear after collecting them. This second problem is usually encountered when a big amount of enemies are defeated. Muito bom!

  •  zaqkkya

    zaqkkya I :):):):) it I'm a boss but it lags a lot my brother said its just my phone but it never lags this is the only game that I ever had and not that long Perfect

  •  OrdireeWexy

    OrdireeWexy It's not a bad game, a little short, not much of a story, but great for killing an afternoon. I do however have a problem with the second boss. You can just stand on the very left side of the screen and shoot him without ever getting hit. Great!

  •  vivi198921

    vivi198921 Yep!! Game is a fun thanks for game.sorry i no spik inglish i german boy.JUST KIDDIN!!!!! Since april fools is near i just joked guys well anysay the game is fun. Thanks!! Hey the game is fun nut add more chapters and more guns. Go well

  •  cr51mth

    cr51mth It's OK I guess The controls can be really wonky at times but when it does work it's pretty good for a mobile game, if you're bored and want something fast paced this might fit Omg

  •  dentAnteflY

    dentAnteflY This game is fun not perfect but fun The monitors are enjoyably hard the second boss is broken and how I save up for my weapons the problem is the weapons they and not balanced at all the flamethrower should be able to hit all Targets in its path if not its just another crappy machine gun the is supper expensive. But even all the hate love the game Brilliant

  •  faifiaragem

    faifiaragem Better Shooter Games are out There There are better shooter games out on the play store, and this game crashed on me the first time I tried to load it up. I don't know if I could recommend this game. Superb!

  •  denzoid

    denzoid Rail gun Although the rail gun is good it does not like to work and offen just passes through things without dealing any damage

  •  qzdcnfjydcw

    qzdcnfjydcw Great game...but also saddening I love this game to bits! But on the 9th level of the second stage, I spawn in and proceed to lose my health like normal. But when I'm supposed to respawn, the entire screen goes black and I can't access any of the normal buttons. It won't even let me put my tablet to sleep, so I have to manually power it down. I tried rebooting Android DroidBot, but the problem is still there. I'd love to rate 5 stars, but I also like to use my tablet without having to reboot it every time...

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