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Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited

Les combats de robots inspirés dans le film du même nom

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Versão: 34.34.984
Tamanho: 45M


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Commentaires à propos de Real Steel World Robot Boxing

  •  subratcall

    subratcall Very fun game Reliance,your game is amazing but I'm having issue with the game when it tries to sync it just gets stuck there Superb!

  •  ericpm7

    ericpm7 It's good I like the game. Need more stages and robot's.. Its really very nice and having fun with this game.24/8/16 always synchronisation.. Cannot play the game. How many hours also it's remains same. Why can't fix it???????????????????? Worth it!

  •  vlhicks

    vlhicks I love this game so much I love this game that i just beated midas with ambush with no upgrade and i'm saving my money for noisy boy Enjoy it!

  •  Pawn1st

    Pawn1st Sync is not working Game's good. Great graphic and fun to play but whenever i tried to sync the game it get stuck. Nothing wrong with my connection and i have to exit the game to start all over. Cool

  •  ikgriio

    ikgriio Really fun game Really fun was wondering if there going to put the tag team option in this version Perfect

  •  Janet349

    Janet349 Excellent It reminds me of "Rockem Sockem Robots" but with more bots. It is a very addictive game. And I love the specials Fantastic

  •  srlmip

    srlmip My synchronizing time took too long and not respond....what should I do?by the way it's an awesome game... Awesome

  •  equityahead

    equityahead Incredible I love the movie and now to actually be able to get robots from the movie and new ones is awesome. Great action and you can be not as powerful as your opponent and still defeat him. wow lol

  •  Balelesse

    Balelesse Great game Its a great game but one problem turn everything in silver its not good for me that some robots are in gold Great!

  •  ms1234

    ms1234 FANTASTIC Sorry for insult, can you make an update for the mystery draw to be like before (have special decals) please. Good

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    Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
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