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"Télécommande pour TV Samsung" est une télécommande virtuelle qui vous permet de contrôler votre téléviseur. L'application est entièrement gratuite.

Pour utiliser la télécommande, vous devez avoir votre téléphone portable / tablette est sur ​​le même réseau wifi que votre téléviseur et acceptez le message qui apparaît sur ​​votre téléviseur. Parce que l'application s'exécute via le réseau sans fil, il n'est pas nécessaire d'être à proximité du téléviseur.

Si par erreur, vous avez refusé le message de confirmation de votre téléviseur (Message pour établir la communication), il est possible de modifier votre sélection en allant à :
/ Menu / Réseau / Paramètres AllShare

En plus d'un design sympa de la télécommande, vous pouvez utiliser toutes les fonctionnalités de la vraie télécommande.

L'application fonctionne avec les tv suivante:
- Série C (2010 ) avec internet
- Série D (2011 ) avec All Share
- Série E (2012 ) avec All Share
- Série F (2013 ) avec All Share

This app is neither an official Samsung product, nor are we affiliated with the Samsung Electronics company. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Télécommande pour TV Samsung

  •  rs090d446

    rs090d446 I really just feel bad for this app. I just gave this app a 5 star because I feel bad for it. Like everyone giving it 1 star. Even though it does deserves it. Superb!

  •  Offeliskish

    Offeliskish Give it a 3 for now Haven't found an app that works for HTC 10 and Samsung tvs, been through 5 with no luck. Did this one connected right away it did ask to connect to Wi-Fi but just a glitch as there was a code to match. I'll comment in a week or whenever things screw up as others have said Highly Recommend.

  •  lauramcouture

    lauramcouture Almost perfect Set up is easy and this remote was working for me in SECONDS. Very simple. As noted in every other review, the ads are pretty bad. My only complaint, where is the paid version? I would give a few bucks to lose the ads, but will probably stop using it bc of them. Great work to the dev team! Muito bom!

  •  firststatecouriers

    firststatecouriers It works the best It works better than any other app over Wi-Fi that I've found but the ads are ferociously annoying as is the persistent notification Must have

  •  HendawoogeBog

    HendawoogeBog Just what I was looking for! I have a UN55F6300XFZA smart TV and the remote sensor went out some months ago. Didn’t have wi-fi until recently so we had to control the on/off, menu functions & volume at the TV. Had DirecTV so all other functions worked through their remote. After getting wi-fi and dropping DirecTV, I searched for an app that would allow me to have a remote through wireless instead of IR. Tried several before this app. Still have to turn the TV on at the TV but I am very happy with this app. Exactly what I wanted. Cool

  •  sjiqlbakn

    sjiqlbakn Read Zanes Review! Downloaded the NoRoot forewall app and the ads go away. Not this app works perfectly! Easy config, full control all from my phone! Works perfectly

  •  cskmarketing

    cskmarketing Same opinion as most Lost my remote. Tedious to use. Constant ads are a pain. Am going to try to connect directly to the tv and see if that helps. Stupid tiny samsung remote original...why you so small? Flawless

  •  russelchen1128

    russelchen1128 Works well but ads are annoying Easy install and had no problem finding my TV. Ads are annoying. Using an old smartphone without cell service as a designated remote so works well for that. Can't imagine all the ads on my normal phone. love it

  •  BiggDipper

    BiggDipper Annoying placed ads Please place the ads where they don't block functionality. Or offer ad-free version for a price. Amazing!

  •  1Binsinvat

    1Binsinvat Great Samsung remote Would of been 5 but because there's no way of getting rid of ads only gets a 4 but other than that it's a great Samsung remote. Must have

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