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RISQUE Grand Écran Edition est une nouvelle version du classique jeu de plateau risk, spécialement conçu pour être apprécié sur un grand écran de télévision avec l'aide de Chromecast (ou autre périphérique 'cast' pour Android). On peut jouer en solo, contre de multiples adversaires contrôlés par l'IA; qu'à l'encontre de nos amis à l'aide d'un même appareil, ou avec la vôtre.

Chaque joueur peut choisir entre plusieurs avatars différents, tous d'entre eux représentant des grands stratèges et les dirigeants de l'histoire de l'humanité. Indépendamment de ce que le personnage que vous choisissez, lorsque vous démarrez un jeu, nous allons attribuer une couleur au hasard.

La mécanique de RISQUE est le Grand Écran d'Édition est exactement le même que le jeu de plateau classique. À chaque tour, chaque joueur va recevoir un certain nombre de troupes, et à chaque tour, chaque joueur peut effectuer toutes les attaques que vous voulez. La résolution d'attaque est simple: vous lancez les dés et prendre le nombre le plus élevé remporte la bataille. Si l'attaquant est victorieux à la conquête de ce nouveau territoire.

RISQUE Grand Écran d'Édition est une grande version de ce légendaire jeu de plateau, avec plusieurs options de jeu et un autre (visual grande. La meilleure chose: on peut jouer avec des amis en utilisant un seul appareil Android... même si elle est plus à l'aise si vous avez chacun le jeu installé sur votre terminal.
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  •  gdvasilyvs

    gdvasilyvs Risk Beautiful game but You MONKEYS!!!! Why oh why did you have to put that ridiculous point system in!!!! Two games a day if I'm lucky! AND I was winning for the first time when I was taken out of the game for some reason and when I got back in the game had moved on as I was about to swap a set for massive troops ~ Consequently I lost in the most stupid way. Sorry but frustrated here... Works great

  •  FitDad

    FitDad Last update added an annoyance Decent game. The most recent update added notification pop ups to tell you when opponents turn in cards. That's great but they cover a third of the map and Stay on the screen so long you miss a lot of the action. Amazing!

  •  jimp73

    jimp73 Risk rules Spent many an hour playing the board game and this is a good app. Couple of questions. Can you turn off the animation of the dice rolling. Its nice but after a while! Also can you extend the time between turns to more than 5 mins. I want to play with friends and am happy to play over a couple of days, rather than 15 hours straight! Not bad

  •  Steroids

    Steroids The game is great, matchmaking sucks. If I start a game and then all but one other person leaves, the whole game is botched, but I have to sit there and finish this awful game or take a loss. There needs to be a way to kill a game that has already been shot to hell. Works great

  •  MichaelTracy

    MichaelTracy Good game with some issues I love the ranking system and love multiplayer The game has a few bugs but the developers seem to be active in fixing them.Id like a better feature to rejoin games your profile is in that have not ended as sometimes restarting the app is needed to deal with some bugs that make it unplayable but you automatically lose and your ranking goes down if you restart. E.g someone whos dropped out turn not ending or the avatars when rolling dice don't go away after rejoining, I have screenshots if the developers want Flawless

  •  Etetipasturse

    Etetipasturse Great game, but... I thoroughly enjoy this game, however there seems to be an issue with tracking wins. The game always seems to count my losses but many wins just don't get counted. If you add up my games played and compare with the total played there are many lost games. Otherwise 5 Stars Perfect

  •  nagarjun

    nagarjun this game is missing the most important feature there MUST be an option to turn timer off in online play. Risk is a long term game and should be able to be played by a turn based basis. To be online + available for a full game is hard! I'm disappointed the developers didnt realize this, as this is a dealbreaker. Brilliant

  •  cayahomes

    cayahomes Fun game but... Some bs you only get 3 coins and it takes 2 for an online game. So only like one game a day? Couldn't spare to make it 4 coins so we can atleast play two a day ? Muito bom!

  •  monseybus

    monseybus Tacticians March This classic is smooth in play, painless in wait, and the replay value keeps you wanting more. If you can limit yourself to 3 matches a day, it's also free. But 3 matches leaves you hungry for more! Hurrah for fun (thumbs up). Fantastic

  •  mujahidkhan

    mujahidkhan Best version of 'Risk'.. BUT!! Online games - skips your turn and places units randomly with no chance to attack therefore earn a card. Only being able to play two games a day. Not pleased! But to the other version available in store. Well done!!

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