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Jouez les meilleurs jeux de course en 2016! Passer un test de conduite bmw, ferrari!

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Commentaires à propos de RD

  •  bdbrown38

    bdbrown38 Nice game but time should be increased and add camera mode on the racing screen to adjust views Must have

  •  UsenoSobbed

    UsenoSobbed Great game Needs a bit of work on objectives like buy 2 paints where do I do that at and where r the boosters? Otherwise nice graphics could add different music maybe allow u to stop into stores like just driving gets old. Nice job otherwise Awesome

  •  okjudicialprocess

    okjudicialprocess Good but... Its graphics are awesome... and playing in career mode is too fun, bcoz we get 5000 credits for competing a race!.. but on level 11, I bought 2 new cars, Audi S3, and Porche 911, but still it shows "buy 2 new cars (0/2)". Please......... Fix this... Fantastic

  •  pauleugene

    pauleugene Great I love the game. It really has great graphics. I only wish u could race with an opponent for position that would have made it the best Well done!!

  •  NeasteWex

    NeasteWex Nice Game.. But.... For those who created this addicted game..please make an update of more cars... I want konnigsegg or even more high class cars.. Thank You.. Well done!!

  •  JayeDon08

    JayeDon08 Nice It alright just got learn to break only thing i dont like is yiu cant customize your car Not bad

  •  sick4submitter4

    sick4submitter4 Great game , requires improvement Make it easier for people to earn money , add copyright free music instead of a beat loop , add a manual option , add a cockpit view camera , add a night mode , add more cars , make cars look more realistic with badges and increased detail , add nitrous , add custom steering wheels to choose from . I hope you guys update the app and get love from this wonderful game when it has most or even all of these features :) Worth a go!

  •  TomeWrerwar

    TomeWrerwar It pretty good. The graphics are pretty damn good. Just put upgrades such as: Speed, Handling, Durability, and Acceleration. Put a health bar (but dont make the car too durable), a basic speedometer, different map settings, a night time setting and vinyls. And also, please put a Saleen SR, a Nissan Skyline GTR R34 and a GTR please. I really want them in the game. Then it would be 5 stars. Keep up the great work. Well done!!

  •  drkenbest

    drkenbest Chlanging and addictive I played the game every day cause it's so addictive.but the makers of the game should make it you could customize the car like with nitrous and Amor upgrades Awesome

  •  tseoonekg

    tseoonekg Baa aaaaaaaaaah this game kills sme other games by art itz a ba aaaaaaa aaaaaaa nger wow lol

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