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Crée la façon parfaite de la balle pour arriver à votre destination

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Versão: 1.7.8
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یک بازی پازلی ساده و اعتیادآور که وقتی آن را شروع کنید دیگر نمیتوانید کنارش بگذارید! شما باید با حرکت دادن بلوک ها مسیر حرکت توپ را باز کنید و آن را به بلوک هدف برسانید. البته برخی از بلوک ها در محل خود ثابت شده اند و نمیتوانید آنها را حرکت دهید. انجام این بازی آسان ولی مسلط شدن به آن کار مشکلی است. ویژگی ها: - زماندار نبودن مراحل بازی، شما میتوانید بازی را با فراغ بال انجام دهید. - اضافه شدن بلوک های چرخشی که تنوع بازی را افزایش داده اند. - اضافه شدن جوایز روزانه - سازگاری با گوشی ها و تبلت ها - دارای آگهی های تبلیغاتی میان صفحه ای نظرات کاربران: "عاشق این بازی هستم. برای انجام این بازی باید قوای ذهنی خوبی داشته باشید. این بازی را قویا به کسانی که عاشق حل کردن معما هستند پیشنهاد میکنم" Madam Nana "بازی بسیار جالبی برای کسانی که مثل من عاشق بازی های پازلی هستند. این بازی به درد وقت گذرانی یا زمانی که در صف منتظر هستید میخورد. این بازی با وجود سادگی اش چالش برانگیز هم هست و البته در مواردی که به کمک نیاز دارید میتواند به شما راهنمایی بدهد." Charlene Meli "یک بازی واقعا عالی، من بازی های پازلی زیادی را امتحان کرده ام ولی این یکی از همه بهتر است." Becca Eastman   Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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  •  seerveCipoxs

    seerveCipoxs Too much advertising It's become annoying when there is too much advertising while playing the game . Please remove these adds otherwise people will start hating this game. I would give it 5 stars unfortunately just because of these adds. Solve it please Marvelous

  •  ecopharmarx

    ecopharmarx Brill Once started can't put down. Only little annoying thing is the ads but brill game 5 star

  •  stiffenzmaster

    stiffenzmaster Fun but can get repetitive I enjoy the game and it can be quite stress relieving! But at time it is repetitive. Overall, I have enjoyed it and have no reason to stop pkaying anytime soon. A good game if you are up for the challenges it can offer! Brilliant

  •  marcommcyc

    marcommcyc Would be 5 but too many adverts The adverts pop up after every level and ruins experience too much. I know they have to in a free game but it's way too much. Shame - Uninstalling Works perfectly

  •  poulton

    poulton Waaaaaay too many ads Awesome game, intriguing and challenging in a way that still relaxes the mind. But the ads are killer. One after every other puzzle? Seems a bit excessive. Worth it!

  •  kineticpolymers

    kineticpolymers Good game but... Its a great game, but there are way too many ads. Literally after every solve a whole page ad pops up, and during the game there is an ad at the bottom of the screen. Come on guys, that's too much. Well done!!

  •  ErikNBowman

    ErikNBowman Fun, too many ads There's an add between every game. They way they pop up I end up go to ads inadvertently. But game is fun and makes my brain feel good. Would possibly buy to avoid ads Awesome

  •  finechees

    finechees Great game! It's a huge stress relief. It allows me to focus on completing the maze and helps me to take my mind off of the BS of the day. Be careful, this one's addictive! :) Works great

  •  nehasen39

    nehasen39 Great time killer! Not overly difficult, but keeps you thinking! Occasional ads are kinda annoying, but you can skip right past them. Very fun overall. Great!

  •  christovwiloto

    christovwiloto Fun It's a good, easy going game! There are a lot of levels and different courses that require different methods to achieve the goal! Ads are a bit irritating as they pop up about every 30 seconds, but they are easy to "X" out to get back to the game. If your battery is weak though, it eats up about 2% every level played. Worth a look! Omg

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