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Rover Builder est un défi d'ingénierie de jeu. Concevoir, construire et conduire!

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Démarrer une grande aventure spatiale avec Marvin! Concevoir et construire rovers et aider à Marvin pour accomplir des missions difficiles sur la Lune, Mars et d'autres planètes. cratères Cross, grimper sur les rochers et retirer les badges en le faisant de façon sécuritaire, économique et rapide. Chaque planète a différents types de conditions et votre rover doit s'y adapter. Si vous avez toujours rêvé d'être un ingénieur spatial ou rover constructeur, ceci est votre chance!

Vous pouvez construire des robots en utilisant l'aluminium et des ressorts, mais gardez à l'esprit que la qualité signifie souvent de l'argent. Vous pouvez également utiliser deux types de roues, motored les lourds et les légers moins chers sans moteur. Dans la planète 4, vous pouvez également utiliser des roquettes. Il y a un nombre illimité de façons d'accorder votre rover de la mission.

Vous pouvez gagner 1 à 4 badges par niveau en fonction de la façon dont votre rover effectué. Différents badges peuvent être obtenus par différents rovers dans le même niveau. De nouvelles planètes sont déverrouillés lorsque vous avez suffisamment de badges.

Être un Rover Builder et profiter de votre aventure avec Marvin! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Rover Builder

  •  braddamm

    braddamm Love it. Can't play it good though :( Love this game but I'm terrible at it D: Help me i can't get passed some levels. Right now is 4 on mars. I wish there was an option to give tips if you've been stuck for too long! Just give an idea of a model or hints ya know. I can do a few levels and then get stuck and just can't get my head round it. Muito bom!

  •  3191936

    3191936 Entertaining, but needs work I've really enjoyed this game the last month, but the graphics are terrible and it drains my battery. Anyway great job! Worth it!

  •  sleekyG

    sleekyG Rotation While charging my phone i cant play because it doesn't support screen rotation:) Great!

  •  hubiemagic

    hubiemagic Excellent game! I've thoroughly enjoyed this game! Apparently the UI needs work, because a lot of people seem to be struggling to figure out the basics, and the adverts can get a bit obnoxious. Still, I've had a lot of fun playing. The simple mechanics make for a surprisingly robust game, with a variety of challenges. It's definitely not impossible, as a lot of people seem to think, but it does take a lot of trial and error, which is where all the fun comes from! I'd just like to see more levels and fewer ads for 5 ☆'s. 5 star

  •  sulemaan

    sulemaan cute game play but some awfulness it's cute and addictive like many physics games but it's some real issues. The font size is illegible on even a large phone. You can't see the landscape before you try a level. The physics seem dodgy and the ads are far too frequent. Brilliant

  •  Amy_JumninHair

    Amy_JumninHair Nice game, but the interface can be a bit better I've been looking for a pad piggies like game for a long time, and this is a really nice one. But like I said, there are some inconviniences in the UX department. A couple of examples: 1. You can't select a bar/spring. So you can't just delete one. 2. On the end level recap, the target numbers are not shown. 3. on my note 4 phone, the target numbers panel are wrapped to multi-line. But regardless, great game :) Surprisingly

  •  RLIHpress

    RLIHpress Challenging Fun Get creative and experiment with your designs. Gets more challenging as you progress - Really playable, the adverts are minimal and do not disrupt play. Cool

  •  CITourism

    CITourism The game is very fun and fresh and there are plenty levels each with 4 challenges (complete, complete with minimum amount of health, with max cost, and max time) to keep you playing for a while, and you get to build a different rover for each challenge, you don't have to build one for all. The full screen ad after each level can be annoying but developers got to eat too and it is a free game. Pretty good

  •  aplasticyn

    aplasticyn Good concept It's a good game but video ads are too frequent. Would have been better if the terrain was shown before your required to build the Rover. It doesn't make sense to build with no idea of what terrain you're building for. Cool

  •  Hulame

    Hulame Good game No ability to turn off sound... If you turn music off it is back on when you restart the app Marvelous

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