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Le jeu pour les filles.
Dans le jeu, vous devez aider la princesse entrer dans le château.
Il devra surmonter tous les zigzags.
Nous devons nous dépêcher, le pont se effondre. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Running Princess

  •  turoaffisarty

    turoaffisarty I LOVE IT Because first when i seen it was by my friend.and i asked her whats the name of the game? and now i have it. If i could put 100,000,000,000 stars i would give it Omg

  •  chovyvr

    chovyvr Awesome Awesome game. I love it. It's just so complex and challenging. I love to try. Well, I used to; my mom deleted it off her phone. Marvelous

  •  hughes87

    hughes87 Ok cool I like this game but I can't get past the first level it's impossible but it's still a cool app 5 star

  •  vayalzxufj

    vayalzxufj Ok Its ok because i like it but here also a reason why i dont like it. it's very hard,many adds,:-| very bad:-| Cool

  •  HoroanaereGot

    HoroanaereGot Omg Super super I love this game it is so hard I love this game really it is so hard super super super super loved it super loved it no words Works perfectly

  •  iodtpnb

    iodtpnb It is so fun I try meny princess colours for her dress and hair like snow white black hair and blue top so fuuuuun Not bad

  •  Brisuaduarm

    Brisuaduarm I am 8 and it's really good I enjoy it and it's good princess run that was the best ever build have you seen the Cinderella one Brilliant

  •  lmkjuky

    lmkjuky Running princess Me in my cousin love this game cause it has a female in females can do as mush as men can Fabulous!

  •  andy819

    andy819 Its ok It works perfectly but it gets boring after a while good for littlens and I'm 10 so I mean about 4 year olds Surprisingly

  •  chadpowell718

    chadpowell718 I think that it's amazing. I have some questions about the game. 1. What is the stuff princess falls in Just wow

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