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- Lecteur de musique pour la Galaxie de Samsung de la série\u003cbr\u003e - Support pour Android 5.0, 6.0 et 7.0

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Versão: 16.1.91-16


Samsung Musique est optimisé pour Samsung appareil Android et offre une fonctionnalité de lecture de musique puissante et la meilleure interface utilisateur.

Principales caractéristiques

1. Prend en charge la lecture des différents formats audio tels que MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC.
2. Aide à gérer efficacement les listes de chansons par catégories. (Track, Album, Artiste, Genre, Dossier, Compositeur)
3. Appuie une nouvelle expérience utilisateur qui interagissent facilement avec les appareils Samsung intelligents comme Tablet, TV (DLNA, la mise en miroir de l'écran), Wearable.
4. Fournit une interface utilisateur claire et intuitive.

Qu'est-ce que FLAC?
FLAC est un format de codage audio similaire à MP3 et AAC, mais sans perte, ce qui signifie que l'audio est compressé en FLAC sans aucune perte de qualité.


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Commentaires à propos de Samsung Music

  •  bopkmooewf

    bopkmooewf Time for track list What happened to the time total on the track list? I use this app to teach my zumba class and it was nice when I could see the total number of minutes my playlist had. I knew the songs were in total an hour long. It took the guess work out of organizing my music. Please add that function back. The app would have been a 5 star for me if you left that alone. Fantastic

  •  alenjec

    alenjec A New App Why don't you guys make an app for music lovers which can separate different language songs and make separate folder for them like English song folder Hindi song folder... Which can recognise the lyrics language and put them on specific language folder by doing this people who hear songs of different languages can easily look for there song in there language folder. This new idea could revolutionise the Music apps. Superb!

  •  leropa

    leropa Love the app because of the ability to play anything on the playlist using the widget on the main screen, something that no other music player I've tried has. Loved the app BEFORE this "August '16" update because now, as others have said, the alphabetical order when selecting an artist instead of music being organized by Album is... well, depressing and a major turn-down. There are albums that have correlations between songs and MUST be listened to in numerical order. If we could get that back, that'd be amazing. Also, I think many Album Artworks were lost due to the update. Also, if you want to create a playlist not from the "Tracks" section of an artist but from the "Album" section and you select all of them, they SHOULD appear in order (like I mentioned above) but some of the tracks of one album may interrupt the order of another album, whilst another album may appear in perfect track order. From what I can gather, this is because there are tracks that DO NOT have a track number, so they are not prioritized when creating a playlist. All in all, previous version was just fine :/ Go well

  •  JamesBailey

    JamesBailey Love the new look I only have 1 small irk and that is that the player no longer replaces your lock screen wallpaper with the current album art (I thought it was a nice feature). Other than that I have no complaints so far Pretty good

  •  samanthatyagi

    samanthatyagi Problem on Galaxy Tab S2 When adding songs to a playlist, I go to drag the song up to a different spot within the playlist and it goes back to where it was when I added it. I don't have this issue on my Galaxy S6, just on the Tab S2. Please fix! Superb!

  •  oigroup

    oigroup Nice Thanks to dat black luk its ausm..miss that volume control Don't know why every app gets less user friendly after update. Refine it's equaliser it just work 20 to 30 % not enough...even 8 year old phones have better one thx Amazing!

  •  DretryDoria

    DretryDoria Please change your design Samsung. It's not that it's bad, it's just it feels out of place. Lock screen is terrible when playing music. Perfect

  •  tixceqnmoe

    tixceqnmoe They bought back the 'list' now we just need lock screen 'controls' I was pretty annoyed by the last update whete they removed the now playing list? They've bought back the button so quite happy! Now if they bought back the lock screen adjuster where u can choose the timescale of the track then this would be a 5 star app, I'm pretty sure it used to be a feature in the older versions Omg

  •  klotrnzepqq

    klotrnzepqq Do not like the new update It's a good music app but after the new update it switched/alphabetized all my songs by letters/numbers instead of artitst/albums which I have labeled. This means if it's labeled unknown artist and has 500 songs on it from various artists/albums,it puts all the songs together alphabetically instead of by album/artist making it one big cluster. Please change back the way artits/albums were before the last update and I liked the blue color as well. Really dislike this new update. Well done!!

  •  ciconqvvi

    ciconqvvi Flac? My Note 4, using an older version of this app, handled my entire music collection fine. This latest version on my Note 7 no longer reads tag info on my Flac files, which is the vast majority of my music. Worse yet, it won't even play some of them. Looks like I'll be downloading a new music app... Must have

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