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As previously announced, My Knox will not be available as ofDecember 19, 2017.
For new users, we recommend downloading and installing SecureFolder, an enhanced security and privacy solution for Samsung's newGalaxy series mobile devices.
Thank you for using My Knox. We apologize for any inconveniencecaused by this service termination.

About Samsung My Knox
Samsung My Knox gives you protection, privacy, and productivity foryour mobile work life. You can securely access your work email andbusiness apps on your personal Samsung smartphone, and use itspowerful tools to remotely find, lock, or wipe your device in theevent of loss or theft.

Using My Knox, you can access your work e-mail and other businessapps on your smartphone in a secure workspace. Your personal dataand apps are outside this secure workspace, and they remaincompletely private. All data inside Samsung My Knox is encrypted,providing a secure and productive way to access confidential emailand apps. Finally, all this functionality is possible withoutrequiring support from your IT admin.

Samsung My Knox is designed to meet demanding enterprise securityrequirements, so it does not work on rooted devices, or devicesthat have run a custom OS at any point.

Samsung My Knox creates a secure and productive space on yourdevice

Samsung My Knox creates a separate, secure environment on yourdevice for all your work-related data, ensuring it doesn’t mix withyour personal data. Apps outside the My Knox environment cannotaccess data inside it, and apps inside My Knox cannot access dataoutside it.

o Convenience – Samsung My Knox merges two devices in one byallowing you access to personal and work data on the samephone
o Easy setup – Created for working professionals, so no IT adminassistance is needed
o Powerful, free apps – Pre-loaded in Samsung My Knox
o Better security – Hardware and software security that deliversmultiple protection layers for the operating system and apps
o Better privacy – Securely separates private data and apps fromeveryday content

The Samsung My Knox User Portal allows you to remotely manageyour device
o Find Now – If you lose your device, the Samsung My Knox UserPortal can locate it via Google Maps
o Lock Device – Remotely lock your lost device to ensure no one canaccess it until you retrieve it

o Wipe Device – Remotely factory reset the device (all data, notjust data inside Samsung My Knox)
o Lock Knox – Remotely lock the Samsung My Knox environment, ratherthan the entire device

The following permissions are required for the app service. Foroptional permissions, the default functionality of the service isturned on, but not allowed.

[Required permissions]
-Phone : For the purpose of recognizing the unique deviceinformation when registering the service, and it is used formanaging the device remotely, service statistics.

[Optional permissions]
-Contact : For the purpose of using the registered account forsetup My Knox
-Location : For the purpose of finding the device location andmanaging the device remotely
-Storage : For the purpose of backup and restore the content insideMy Knox

If your system software version is lower than Android 6.0, pleaseupdate the software to configure App permissions.
Previously allowed permissions can be reset on Apps menu in devicesettings after software update. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Samsung My Knox

  •  JolaacecY

    JolaacecY Knowledge Please let me know, what are the key function of this app n what are the benefits to activate it. How it protects virus attacks ? wow lol

  •  kitiwit

    kitiwit Not good enough Please make massaging app secured. Like tha personal gallery app there should be a personal massaging app. Then it will b 5stars from me. Superb!

  •  wisteria

    wisteria I LOVE MY KNOX REGARDLESS This is the most important application You can ever have on a phone. It's one of the main reasons I Love/prefer/buy Samsung Galaxy phones. All personal and or sensitive data is tucked away safely and privately. Now that is what the power of Galaxy is all about... I only wish it supported messaging and or Go sms pro. Other than that all is good. Thanks Brilliant

  •  robertrisk

    robertrisk Like it. But now facing problem. Used it for 1 year. But now after reinstall cannot creat secure work space. Showing failed to download mdm agent. Please help Superb!

  •  suvarnajoshi

    suvarnajoshi Unable to setup When I installed the app and clicked on Get Started, it always an alert message saying a Knox Workspace already exists. Cool

  •  gallerybeebe

    gallerybeebe Unfortunately my knox stopped with my samsung glaxy j5. When i try to creating secure app with my knox then my phone working slow and stopped working. Muito bom!

  •  livePtraining

    livePtraining Attachment on mail When I am accessing my mail attachment is not downloading and if it download then can not find app for open the attachment. Pls resolve. Worth a go!

  •  alex_freeman

    alex_freeman Still No Screen Capture and Backup Functions No screen capture nor backup function are found in the updates as promised. And protect the app from unauthorized uninstalling. Great job

  •  cpt2010

    cpt2010 Google verification for email Why does the Google verification come through even when your not in knox. I have changed my Google settings and it still pops up.not very secure when it appears Flawless

  •  xaspltfs

    xaspltfs Can anyone tell me where I can get into personal mode in my knox I can't find any option for personal mode if anyone knows please tell me help needed Enjoy it!

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