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l'application Samsung Smart Home permet aux utilisateurs de se connecter facilement avec divers appareils ménagers Samsung, y compris le réfrigérateur, machine à laver, climatiseur, four, aspirateur à vide et plus à travers vos smartphones.

Avec Samsung Smart Home, vous pouvez surveiller et contrôler les appareils électroménagers Samsung sur la route et profiter des services utiles, y compris vérification de l'état, le contrôle de l'appareil, vue sur la maison, et le soutien à la clientèle.

Samsung Smart Home supporte OS Android 4.0 et au-dessus, et est mieux optimisé pour Samsung Galaxy S et la note série. Certaines fonctionnalités peuvent ne pas être pris en charge dans différents dispositifs intelligents. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
samsung smart home app, samsung smartthings, maison intelligente définition, domotique

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Commentaires à propos de Samsung Smart Home

  •  manager175

    manager175 Help needed Can you please tell me if I can control my AC model AR12KSWSBWKNZE with this app from work? Do I need anything else besides my phone connected to my mobile network and the AC to the WiFi? Great!

  •  SeikilosFxStudios01

    SeikilosFxStudios01 Simple and efficient Easy logically set up app, does exactly what I want it to! (Start my vacuum schedule when I'm at work or away from home) Pretty good

  •  c6dbr9ek

    c6dbr9ek The future! Loved the principle of this app but disappointed there were no sound notifications when i set it to alert me when the final rinse was. Can this be included in the future? Not bad

  •  hammodsusan

    hammodsusan Features are limited. I was excited about the remote control feature for my 1st and only smart device - AddWash Washing machine. The options of what can be done is flat, boring, unexciting. Nice 'feature gadget for the gadget enthusiasts'. 1st few hours of the new machine so hoping to be surprised as I explore more. Not bad

  •  michellecomar

    michellecomar Energy consumption button Kindly re-arrange the reset button or make it optional in the settings not in the energy consumption tab cause i always accidentally push it every time i scroll my daily consumption. Fabulous!

  •  sellpower

    sellpower Not just a sweeper, its a vacuum And a member of the family.l bought this vacuum to minimize using the main vacuum as there is not enough time in the day.The vr9200 does such a good job. I haven't needed to use the other vacuun. The vr9200 is now the main vacuum love it

  •  ufc113wkss101

    ufc113wkss101 Smart way to handle devices Controlling all Samsung Devices in a Smart way through Smart App, Smart Home. Nice Idea :) I just loved the app! User interface is very smooth and it's very light weight now :) It's just cool. Awesome

  •  Pearlseducation

    Pearlseducation Won't connect Tried repeatedly to connect. Read the directions, then tried again and even followed the directions with no joy. Reset both devices and tried again just like tech support said and it still won't connect. Looks like they haven't even updated this app since June. Galaxy s5 and a Samsung fridge.

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