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L'application Smart View de Samsung vous permet de profiter du contenu stocké sur votre mobile et PC facilement sur votre téléviseur Smart TV de Samsung, ainsi que vous permettant de contrôler le TÉLÉVISEUR avec votre mobile.※ Cette application est en version Bêta. ☆ Avantages de l'utilisation de Samsung Smart View - Contenu SharingQuickly et envoyer facilement vos photos, vidéos et musique à partir de votre mobile et profitez-en sur votre Samsung Smart TVAlso, créer des listes de lecture de vos contenus préférés pour profiter avec toute la familyIf, vous souhaitez partager votre contenu stocké PC windows, veuillez télécharger le programme PC à www.samsung.com/smartview - Distance ControlYou pouvez contrôler votre téléviseur Smart TV de Samsung facilement avec cette application※ Vous pouvez utiliser 'tablette tactile' en 2016 téléviseur Smart TV de Samsung.☆ Comment Use① Connectez votre appareil mobile au même Réseau Wi-Fi. ② Le Lancement de l'Application Smart View.③ Choisir votre TV et à éplucher.④ Après avoir connecté avec succès, sélectionnez le contenu à partir de votre téléphone mobile que vous souhaitez profitez-en sur votre Smart TV☆ Périphériques pris en charge - Smart TV. 2011 : LED D7000 et au-dessus, PDP D8000 et au-dessus.. 2012 : LED ES7500 et au-dessus, PDP E8000 et au-dessus.. 2013 : LED F4500 et au-dessus (à l'exception de F9000 et ci-dessus), PDP F5500 et au-dessus.. 2014 : H4500, H5500 et au-dessus (à l'exception de H6003/H6103/H6153/H6201/H6203).. 2015 : J4500, J5500 et au-dessus (à l'exception de J6203).. 2016 : K4300, K5300 et au-dessus.※ TV prises en charge les modèles peuvent varier selon la région. Si vous avez toute question, veuillez communiquer avec nous: "[email protected]’. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Smart View

  •  glam_a_rous

    glam_a_rous It seams like it would be a good app I think it would be a good app because I love everything samsung I have a s7 and two tables and two computer screen and one TV all samsung. But I was hoping for it to be a good app but I have to use WiFi to use the app and my TV isn't a smart TV so I can connect it to my phone because they took out the inferred in the s7 wish they never did that. Well done!!

  •  robertkoraca09

    robertkoraca09 pls update it this app is good, but when watching videos from my hand phone to my tv for more than 15 mins the app will disconnect from my tv(ua40hu7000) Awesome

  •  sandy6879

    sandy6879 One of the best app Very satisfied with the update of remote control it actually works in my TV its amazing best UPDATE !!! Great!

  •  samuelsangha

    samuelsangha It's going well To share media is awesome. As remote control extension, I would love to have keyboard to search in Netflix and YouTube smarthub apps. It doesn't support yet all Samsung Jx mobiles Surprisingly

  •  JontyM

    JontyM Remote is buggy Would be great if they were was a keyboard in the app vs using the on tv screen keyboard. The hold swipe portion of the remote will stay continuously in one direction and will not stop moving in that direction until I close the app and restart it Go well

  •  batterymarket

    batterymarket HELP PLEASE Above say's there's a keyboard for the smart hub? I can't find it. Can I have some help with where to find it please Recommend

  •  akshayjoshi697

    akshayjoshi697 Good one Good application. works well but not with all Samsung TVs. search and play from Google drive is a desirable option. And provide keypad in the remote control which will make trying simple in smart TV apps. Enjoy it!

  •  jayesh_patel

    jayesh_patel Much better, thank you! When I first used the Samsung Smart View app in December 2015, it didn't work on my 2014 - 46 inch smart tv. It took nearly 4 months of waiting for this app to finally work as a remote. I'm also glad that the remote has a large font to work with. Yay! Worth it!

  •  CeatOvats

    CeatOvats Improved Please launch a companion application for Gear. Thank you for adding remote control function for legacy TVs, it is much appreciated. There is some instability if erratic movements are made on the virtual mouse touch pad causing the app to crash. Please add "wake on lan" capabilities to smart TV's OS so the app can be used to power on TVs without the need for IR remote. TV to phone screen mirroring is also still missing. Perhaps adding some customisable buttons/layout to the remote might be useful. Muito bom!

  •  aquinones

    aquinones I like it ! I hope to see the cursor tool on the remote control in the next update and then I will give it 5 stars Perfect

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