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  •  guyluminato

    guyluminato Good app, bad for recording a band When recording a group of musicians, the noise cancellation feature actually ruins the rec. It favors near sounds over distant. So the volume of the distant voices/instruments goes up & down constantly. Enjoy it!

  •  smarkman

    smarkman Can't email ? Recorded great, could have more info on how to use it. When I tried to email my recording the "send" button stays greyed out. Great!

  •  homeandhearth1

    homeandhearth1 It doesn't record during active calls. You should add this feature so as to make this more useful than other apps Just wow

  •  cody69hunt

    cody69hunt Focus on Assistant Voice . Can u make Voice more Sweet and Suitable...bcoz its Samsung S voice not a Chinese mobile Voice Assistant...please work on this.. Or Add option in this. Great!

  •  raulen

    raulen I'm impressed this was pre installed in my device and I can uninstall it? I love this app but it's really great that Samsung allows us to delete pre-installed apps Marvelous

  •  izvvouviaj

    izvvouviaj Love it I had this app on my note 4 and when I switched phones I couldn't find it anymore. This morning I searched for another recording app and this one popped up. I like the interface and the 3 modes. Add more modes please. Overall love the app Cool

  •  samgasglobal

    samgasglobal Pleaae allow thia to work while on the phone. I want to be able to record my side of the conversation Amazing!

  •  moreSeigume

    moreSeigume Good Good app for voice recording. Please add option to call recording when required. All cheaper mobiles got this recording function (Chinese). wow lol

  •  volcanicfitness

    volcanicfitness It records sounds. It does exactly what it is supposed to. It is not meant to record phone calls so why leave one star reviews complaining about that? Idiots. Enjoy it!

  •  jtasoftware

    jtasoftware It should be able to change the mode after recording I tried to record a performance in class, but it had somehow switched to conversation mode and sounded like trash, rendering it useless. Also add phone call record mode Superb!

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