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A savoir : Ceci est une démo avec de l'IAP qui vous débloquera le jeu complet.

Avec Shadow Blade, Dead Mage nous donne la possibilité d’incarner un véritable ninja, qui se contrôle parfaitement bien

Kuro est un jeune homme dont la quête est de devenir le Shadow Blade. Il doit rechercher les enseignements du dernier maître ninja.

Vous le guidez à travers les niveaux difficiles, remplies d'innombrables pièges, passer derrière les ennemis ou en finir avec eux.

Vous devez être rapide, être furtif, être conscient de votre environnement. Vous devez être un ninja.

Shadow Blade est un jeu d'action plateforme rapide pour iOS avec des commandes tactiles intuitives.

Le jeu est doté de commandes tactiles intuitives, d'un arsenal d'armes et de niveaux difficiles. Devenir un ninja est à la portée de vos doigts ! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Shadow Blade

  •  satveer

    satveer galaxy wolf I hope crescent moon games will make a new game like this or 2 shadow blade 2: part 1 the sword storm and shadow blade 3 :part 2 the ancient war I prey that crescent moon games will take my idea. Good

  •  zayansamfor

    zayansamfor Awesome I really love this game competitive and fun to play also amazing graphics but the fact that you have to watch a video just to get to the next level is really annoying and if you could take that feature away then that would be great but overall this game is fun and exciting so thanks for creating this game....(FOR FREE) wow lol

  •  Nhyfu7yt

    Nhyfu7yt Awesome, but why the ads This is the best game i have downloaded . this game would be in the top 3. But why do i have to watch a ad to go on the next level Worth a go!

  •  Pelfwhiphette

    Pelfwhiphette One of the best mobile action games... The gesture controls work as good as you could hope for and the graphics are great.. I can't believe it's free! Brilliant

  •  inciongdtw

    inciongdtw Excellent Very awesome game, its so fun to play. It is really as fun as old-school game, can play for hours! and its right here on my phone anaywhere I go and the controlls are super easy to use and can do alot! Love this game Works perfectly

  •  jjericho

    jjericho This game is a masterpiece! Congratulations folks! You knocked this one outta the park and into tomorrow! This is what mobile gaming is all about! Gorgeously crisp and vivid graphics, a cool soundtrack and game play tighter and smoother than a brand new sphincter! I love absolutely everything about this game. Yeah, the constant adds can be annoying. But, [email protected]$& it! It's free. Kudos! I would like to see some kind of boss battles though. Great!

  •  edestes716

    edestes716 Fun I would rate it 5 stars if it didn't require so big of space other than fun game also good job on the combat sick although I am unhappy for the reason for me being able to install it but that's not the devs fault oh yeah going to level select then going int o the level makes it ad free Amazing!

  •  Antaniavag

    Antaniavag 2D Side Scrolling Intuitive & solid action gameplay. Controls are smooth & works perfectly like how it used to be for touch screen. Recommended this one & Magic Rampage, for 2D side scrolling action. Fantastic

  •  xhlmzcmd

    xhlmzcmd It's good but THERE ARE TOO MANY ADS just to load the next level without going to the level select screen you have to watch an ad so can you make the ads only occasional and not after every level Muito bom!

  •  chutegarnett10

    chutegarnett10 Good platformer runner Good soundtracks and graphics, nice visuals, have many levels to play, sometimes challenging to get 3 stars but that's the fun of it. I wish if the dev. Team add google + support so that My progress is saved. Cool

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