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Autodesk SketchBook es, como su nombre sugiere, un cuaderno de bocetos para terminales Android desarrollado por la popular firma Autodesk, que nos permitirá dibujar cómodamente en la pantalla de nuestro teléfono móvil o tableta.

La interfaz de trabajo de Autodesk SketchBook cuenta con todas las herramientas y elementos que cabría esperar de una aplicación de su categoría. Tendremos opciones de deshacer y rehacer, un panel con las diferentes capas que tengamos activas, y por supuesto muchas herramientas de dibujo diferentes: pinceles, lápices, rotuladores, difuminadores, etcétera.

Lo mejor de estas herramientas de dibujo incluidas en Autodesk SketchBook es que podremos personalizarlas a nuestro gusto. A cada una de ellas podremos cambiarle el tamaño y la intensidad para conseguir resultados muy distintos. Además, como es lógico, tendremos toda la paleta de colores a nuestra disposición.

Otros detalles que hacen de Autodesk SketchBook una excelente herramienta de dibujo son, por ejemplo, el auto-ocultado de la interfaz cuando ésta molesta. Es decir, si estamos dibujando un trazo y nuestro dedo va a 'chocar' con la interfaz, ésta desaparecerá automáticamente.

Autodesk SketchBook es una herramienta de dibujo muy potente, que si bien tiene algunos elementos de pago que podremos desbloquear con dinero, sigue resultando muy útil incluso aunque no hagamos ningún desembolso.
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Commentaires à propos de Autodesk SketchBook

  •  smah19

    smah19 Thank you for this update. Now I can sketch without my hand accidentally picking a new tool. Fantastic

  •  apanessidi

    apanessidi Ya I think its cool and you people need to stop they work hard to make you happy give them some slak Works perfectly

  •  chris1203

    chris1203 Best drawing and painting app ever :3 I love doing my art projects and practicing my drawing and linearts but I was wondering if you did add the recording feature in a new update why hasn't it appered on the app I have a nook HD+ and know its different but still shouldn't it be there? :3 Works great

  •  glindaoverbo

    glindaoverbo Very useful for drawing!! I love the features so far very useful! Only issue with it is it makes me have to search through my photos to import by recent. I would much prefers by album. Other than that 10/10 Perfect

  •  varietyarmy

    varietyarmy A Tip Of The App Pile By far the best drawing up out there. Just like its PC counterpart it's lightweight and efficient. wow lol

  •  lmachining

    lmachining Really great! This app is so good that I bought the pro version. I took off one start for not having onion skinning for animation, which would put this through the roof. Still amazing, though! Cool

  •  viva_in

    viva_in Exiting Took me forever to figure out how to exit this thing. Add that to the support. Jeesh. Perfect!

  •  pesaulfulgada

    pesaulfulgada You need to get the paid stuff. The basic drawing tools are just a little too basic but the pro tools ... wow! You can really notice the difference here. Go well

  •  paynepaul

    paynepaul I love this app! But.. Is there a fill? A fill is like a button, I think, that all you have to do is tap on it, pick the color, and then tap into the part of the drawing, like the hair, and then it fill it for you. For example: I want to make Aphmau fan art, but I need to finish filling the hair color! Uh oh, I can't find the fill button! Oh well, it will take me a long time to fill the hair color! Not bad

  •  Edward1977

    Edward1977 Note 7 I've tried about a dozen drawing/painting/sketch apps and this is still the best one. The ability to rotate the canvas is a must for me and I under-appreciated it in this app because I cannot find another app that has that functionality for this phone. I was hoping for better pressure sensitivity with the S pen but I'm still getting used to it so maybe it's just me. Love the app and well worth the price to upgrade. Fabulous!

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