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Bondis à travers le ciel en récupérant des beignets pour maintenir ton narval en l'air! Aide-toi des nuages et des objets pour bondir plus haut et plus loin. Des combos de folie enverront ton narval en orbite. Et l'équipement de plongée te permettra de te lancer dans une aventure sous-marine. Remporte des pièces pour débloquer de supers objets et faire décoller ton narval le plus loin possible!

• Joue au VERITABLE jeu de la nouvelle émission Nickelodeon : GAME SHAKERS!
• Plus tu ramasseras de beignets, plus tu bondiras loin à travers le ciel!
• Les combos déments d'objets boosteront tes bonds comme : le DOUBLE ARGENT SINGE TOILETTES!
• Ramasse le beignet spécial arc-en-ciel pour déclencher le COUP DE FOUET ultime!
• Plus tu débloques, plus tu bondiras loin! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Game Shakers : Sky Whale

  •  hopewilliams

    hopewilliams Love it really don't know why all other reviews aren't so good but I think it's amazing only I wish u could customize the whale and change its coulor and put on outfits Marvelous

  •  gsxbiflx

    gsxbiflx Love it!!! Best game ever!!!! I love this game soooo much and if your on the bubble about getting this game, GET IT! It is the best! I love every part of it and it totally is my favorite game! Recommend

  •  upstate10

    upstate10 It fun but... I really like it but it had stopped ending and it just glitches so I can never beat my highscore Fantastic

  •  Larpanoencomo

    Larpanoencomo Obsessively Amazing In my opinion, at first glance it looks realy boring, however, I decided to download it because I like the show. It turns out the game is super fun, challenging, and Addictive. I would highly recommend this game, and all other game shaker games!! Worth it!

  •  amdvideomaster69

    amdvideomaster69 OMG love it but I have one suggestion...There should be a little map in the corner so we know where we're heading to. It's really addictive n nice! Recommend

  •  mastchuctuala

    mastchuctuala Its amazing I love this game as a kid its amazing the only two things is that they should have had drop that from the show Works perfectly

  •  shavonwjakobsenw

    shavonwjakobsenw Liked it Well its boring at first but then it gets addictive this my third time downloading it because my dum brother keeps deleting it i need a phone lock Works great

  •  DwrightMediaBridgePR

    DwrightMediaBridgePR Need update Great game i love it but there is nothing left to buy and it wont let me get more than 12 donuts. It needs a update! Great job

  •  digitallanguagelab

    digitallanguagelab This is awsome I loved the game gameshakers should release. Dirty blob and more love gameshakers love it

  •  pattygarcia146

    pattygarcia146 Amazing This is the most awesome game in the entire world this is awesome like I can't believe it. Game shakers make really good games. You have to make up your own words to dicribe it it out of this world amazing. Not bad

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