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با SKY از روی موانع بپرید و یک ماجراجویی خارق‌العاده را تجربه کنید!
در این بازی که توسط تیم سازنده بازی‌هایی مانند Phases و The Line Zen طراحی شده شما باید در یک دنیای اسرارآمیز با سرعت حرکت کنید و از موانع جان سالم بدر ببرید.
در هنگام بازی کردن شما از روی موانع می‌پرید و تلاش می‌کنید که رکود امتیازتان را بشکنید. اما مراقب باشید چون بعضی اوقات اشیاء آن چیزی نیستند که به نظر می‌رسند! وقتی به دروازه‌های سبز وارد می‌شوید کاراکترتان تکثیر می‌شود. بعضی وقت‌ها این می‌تواند خوب باشد و بعضی وقت‌ها نه!

ویژگی‌های بازی:
تعداد زیادی کاراکتر قابل انتخاب!
دنباله‌ی پویانمایی شده‌ی متفاوت برای هر کاراکتر!
دنیای ساخته شده به صورت رویه‌ای با ۱۰۰ مرحله متمایز!
با دوستانتان برای بالاترین امتیاز رقابت کنید!

آموزش بازی:
۱. بر روی صفحه بزنید تا از روی موانع بپرید.
۲. مجددا بر روی صفحه بزنید تا بیشتر بپرید. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
ciel alcool, british sky broadcasting, sky tv, sky cyclisme, ciel film, l'équipe sky, ciel traduction, de télévision sky italia

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Commentaires à propos de SKY

  •  kanukollu

    kanukollu Great game It's a great game but it needs more things to buy I have so many coins just building up. When will there be an update on android Highly Recommend.

  •  yunmxubhnm

    yunmxubhnm Chamcash..... SEARCH CHAMPCASH EARN MONEY on playstore and earn money APP INSTALL KARNE K BAAD SIGNUP KARE join our Team refer sponsor ID (2287234) and join me _Earn rs 900+/-a day as part_time/full time job so dont waste your time install hurry up *After installation sign up karne k baad jab sponsor id maange to ID 2287234 daal dena is app se aap meri team me join ho ke and challenge complete karke 30.000 per month tak kma sakte hai CHAMPCASH ID 2287234 Cool

  •  magnus

    magnus NICE GAME This game is nice, challenging and addictive. U can unlock too many things..... There r so many things like hearts, cubes, squares,flowers and dragons and more... Download it!!!! Brilliant

  •  poojatridnasik

    poojatridnasik A few anoying glitches/bugs Theres one problem that happend very rarely but really anoying. When i just over some of the grey squares it will kill me even if i double jump over it and none of the grey squares broke. Plx fix, this game is a lot of fun and enjoyable. Also, the game sometimes lags me back a bit after i jump and gets me killed. Great!

  •  sagarhospitals

    sagarhospitals Highly recommended app Overall it's an awesome gAme, enjoyed it so much even though i keep crashing, the animation is awesome so r the graphic, i would give 5 stars but it glitched when i buy unicorn and it gave me a circle Pretty good

  •  graduatejobsuk

    graduatejobsuk I really like this game but it needs more characters on android. I have s lot of money and I don't know what to do with it, please can you get some more characters for androids. Enjoy it!

  •  wf112001

    wf112001 Fast casual game Music is nice but wish there could be more. Gameplay is simple enough and even if you are lousy, play enough games and you sill still get points to unlock all the cubes. Play it! Marvelous

  •  Wusheng0

    Wusheng0 Its awesome! But android users dont have the update for it, so we can get more characters. But the Apple store does and its not fair! I complain! Both my friend have the update and are getting cool characters and Im not this is uncool!!! Works perfectly

  •  doctorjhug

    doctorjhug Great game fun and satacfying but would be better if there were different levels neww worlds and stuff like that because it gets kinda boring also could you makeit harder to get those little chareters? I got them all on the first day! Still amazing game great work guys Fantastic

  •  feedyourhead3d

    feedyourhead3d Not sure Game worked great on my friend's phone (his was old and laggy but generally worked) however both his and mine both randomly crashed. To further provoke me the screen was black but the add worked perfectly. Its a good game but these crashes ruin it for me Worth a go!

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