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Créer votre propre personnage pixel par pixel, puis affrontez d'autres joueurs.

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Versão: 2.0.1
Tamanho: 20M


Jogar jogos online com o seu próprio personagem!

'editor de caracteres para criar o seu próprio personagem de pixel por pixel, usando mais de 15 cores e, em seguida, entrar na l's arena para você lutar contra d'outros jogadores. Vitória de l'de ouro a ser o último sobrevivente e, em seguida, passar a comprar ainda mais cores para seus personagens!

Use seus reflexos para corte de outros jogadores na metade, mas cuidado, você deve cortar através do centro, caso contrário, seu inimigo não vai ser eliminado!

Não pubs não solicitado! Você odeia anúncios? Nós também! Fatia.io não contém qualquer não pub solicitée para garantir a você um ambiente agradável de usar. Além disso, o jogo é totalmente traduzido em francês.


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Commentaires à propos de Slice.io

  •  vizioreview

    vizioreview This game is great This is one of the best io games I've ever plaied thank you so much also for allowing the players to turn off adds besides that great concept and can you please give us more color options for our customizations or some color presets like the ones the bots use 5 star

  •  dreamrow1

    dreamrow1 I love the game but The rewards from an online deathmatch is too ridiculously low (u only get 5 coins per win when the minimun cost of things u can buy is 100 coins!) plz make it easier. Its wierd enough getting 50 coins by watchin ads o_0 ?. Pluz need more online modes like team deathmatch or somet. Also make a feature we can create lobbies cuz noone is never on online coop mode its always me vs 4-6 bots!! So unfair. Plz make this update possible ¬-¬ Worth it!

  •  susanbuck14

    susanbuck14 WOW SUCH A GOOD CONCEPT!!! Wow, me being a game designer in 6th grade this is so good and the frame rate is great please rwpliw Go well

  •  SeadsDeffex

    SeadsDeffex It's awesome, but a few problems The controls for the joystick can be difficult, and in giant mode enemies keep spawning until I can barely move. Great job

  •  Enfoteoni

    Enfoteoni I was one of the first! Love this game! I make YouTube videos on it too! I'm the #1 viewed slice.io gamer lol.. I got this game when there was 100 downloads I love seeing the game grow! My block is a YouTube button! So if u see me in a game.. We buds :) Muito bom!

  •  Indenryrant

    Indenryrant It's a great game but when I die online,then it makes me sit there and watch block fight Marvelous

  •  VenEntindtied

    VenEntindtied A promising looking game Ive been playing for a few days and I havent been bored at all. Some improvements i would consider is maybe allowing characters with gamertags as well as leaderboards and maybe more gamemodes. Ill be keeping an eye out for updates Highly Recommend.

  •  TerryHendrix

    TerryHendrix It's an awesome old school game For the very few who get addicted to online arcade games like this, I definitely recommend it! Perfect

  •  jakensmeth

    jakensmeth good app would be nice if more players. also if you die you can just rejoin making players invincible... Recommend

  •  larissawelter

    larissawelter Priority the system of the Game prioritize the system of the game first dude..! Before you add some kind things on the game, wrong pattern Fantastic

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