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Préparer un transcendantal, de l'ambiance voyage à travers le temps et l'espace.

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Versão: 1.4.0
Tamanho: 79M


Partez à la découverte d'une toute nouvelle dimension surréaliste. Les sons et la musique rythment harmonieusement vos déplacements, alors que vous détruisez tout sur votre passage ! Concentration, précision et synchronisation seront la clé pour un voyage le plus long possible, mais aussi pour briser les jolis objets en verre qui jonchent votre parcours.

* Détruisez tout sur votre passage à travers une époustouflante dimension futuriste. Vous brisez obstacles et cibles en assistant à la meilleure physique de destruction jamais créée sur appareils mobiles.

* Synchronisation musicale : la musique et les effets sonores s'adaptent à chaque niveau, les obstacles se déplacent en rythme avec les nouvelles mélodies.

* Plus de 50 salles différentes avec 11 styles de graphismes ; chaque niveau reproduit avec réalisme le verre qui se brise. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Smash Hit

  •  flarocrEf

    flarocrEf Challenging but fun The first time I played this I was like "This is easy" But now I'm at level 8 and I can't beat it! I bought the full version so I can start at any checkpoint I want. I always start at the highest checkpoint I can choose, but for level 8 I died with 2 balls left...at least there are 2 perimids right at the beginning but there SO hard to get! This game is very challenging and yes sometimes it makes me want to throw my phone across the room, but it is still very fun, and highly recommend Must have

  •  oacvqndpwz

    oacvqndpwz Best game of its kind by far Manages to be both relaxing and meditative, challenging enough to be rewarding, and extremely addicting. I'd recommend this to EVERYONE. In response to the few negative reviews, ignore them. Giving this game 1star because you LOVE it on your phone but it's not supported for your tablet?! Wtf? That's no reason for once star you idiot. Finally: making only payed version have check points is totally legit, you love the game, but can't cough up $2? Seriously? Support the effort you cheep idiots! Flawless

  •  kxtkmooeay

    kxtkmooeay Omg XD! Such an awesome game I love it! when I have enough money I'm going to pay for the full version because it's so exhilarating! To see all the glass flying at your face! I love smashing glass in real life anyway... only if I have to like only if the glass needs to be destroyed for a good Reason. like in Robot Wars! Worth it!

  •  prmmcvow

    prmmcvow Titled: Enjoyable Fun! This is another title to consider. Unlike "Block Breaker", it's predeccesor, or prodigéus, this title is catagorically unique. Glass and crystals asdie, the game progresses with a tempo, making a rather challanging quest to advance without keeping focus. Reach the end either by breaking through the checkpoint, or simply having fun. This worlable title is remarkably simplistic, junxtapose to it's profesional creative design and rich atmospheres. I say, "Good luck! & best wishes!" to whomever plays this game. Not bad

  •  hollyhanna

    hollyhanna Good game but the checkpoints need to be worked out better I purchased the game. It is entertaining but with a problem. You begin each level with the balls with which you finished the previous one. So you need to keep replaying levels until you end with a good number as the available balls on some levels are not sufficient for the level. And redo each level the same way. Playing the same level over and over again gets boring quickly. Same issue with the other Mediocre game I own, Commuter where playing the same level over and over ruins an otherwise fun game. Highly Recommend.

  •  MoniQJxkh

    MoniQJxkh Chaotic Zen I ACTUALLY ❤ this game!!! It's challenging and fun all at the same time I can't stop playing. Really helps calm me down... The music is beautiful and soothing. The scenery really draws you in. I got this game for free and even when I had to pay to keep my check points it was worth it. My favorite game hands down. Works perfectly

  •  itradingsystems

    itradingsystems Outstanding and highly recommended Beautiful graphics, great concept. Very fun game to play it's a casual game. Super addicting but not like with other games where you want to play but are still bored. It will entertain you time and time again. One of the best mobile games I've ever played, no doubt. It's not required but if you enjoy it a lot you might want to spend the 2 bucks on the "premium" which allows you to continue from check points among other things. There are no annoying ads even in the free edition which is a huge plus. Enjoy it!

  •  pajuice

    pajuice It's very addictive, one thing I am pod about is that right from the get-go they're trying to get you to pay for it . It would have been nice if they didn't try to sell the premium version so quick. If anybody could have tried any other levels without being intimidated to pay for premium maybe I would have been sold to buy a premium. As of right now I'm okay with playing classic. Maybe I'll think about premium .. wow lol

  •  buyingwowgoldyao

    buyingwowgoldyao One of my fav time killers! I can play this game for long periods at a time without getting tired of it. Zen mode is great but the whole premise of the game is a stress relieving, fun, "get to break stuff" good time. Highly recommended. Also play on my ten inch tablet and it's a little easier to be accurate with such a big screen. Fabulous!

  •  martharueda

    martharueda Absolutely my favorite game of all time! Played it while taking a bath last night. In at 2am out at 7! Had to drain cold, add hot 4 times! Great stress relief! I tried every single level! I'm not real great at it...YET, but I like Mayhem the best. It's so fast! THANKS for the fun. Highly Recommend.

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