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Construire une fusée spatiale et de voler à l'infini

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Versão: 1.8.9
Tamanho: 36M


Voulez-vous construire et piloter vos propres fusées spatiales?

Bien sûr, vous faites!

Êtes-vous un milliardaire?

No. .. qui le rend délicat.

Heureusement, il existe un moyen pour nous non-milliardaires de faire fonctionner notre propre programme spatial ... Agence spatiale!

* Construire des fusées
* Lancement des satellites
* Créer une station spatiale
* Explorez le système solaire

C'est un jeu très difficile et complexe. Seuls les astronautes les plus talentueux devraient tenter.

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Commentaires à propos de Space Agency

  •  bondona567

    bondona567 Good game but needs more This game is great, but sandbox gets boring after a while. And the when landing on planets theirs nothing to do. You should add the ability to mine astroids or maybe even add a hostile sandbox mode. Where you can add defenses to you station to protect against hostile ships or incoming astroids. wow lol

  •  Ytr57677

    Ytr57677 So many possibilities! I ended up creating 4 different ships. 1 was a 15 PC 2 was a 35 PC 3 was a 50 PC and 4 was 60 PC. So worth all the time even though I lost them all due to restart. But now I'm at it again, on a quest to find out if the game can handle a whole single 100 pc beast. Gonna take alot of careful planning. I wish there was a away to upload missions to a open community. Well done!!

  •  pradareplica

    pradareplica BEEP Love this game. Played a similar game and loved that one too but it was a little too complex with the orbits and trajectories and such for a mobile game. This one is a bit simpler and would be a 5 star but... THAT DAMNED BEEP! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY, CHANGE THAT GOD DAMNED BEEP! Perfect!

  •  pekSuchchique

    pekSuchchique Loved it I love it, but maybe you nooleus should add more missions and parts. That would make it way better. 5 stars after improvement. P.s i have finished all levels and made many space stations, and now i dont know what else to do. And now i reinstalled the game and lost all my data pls fix this. It has advanced since i last played. Must have

  •  Moitleglelp

    Moitleglelp Very Fun. Needs Some Work. Would be a longer review without character cap. I'm really enjoying this game. I'm on my second career play through and I must say, I'm not even bored with it, despite having already completed it. A few problems I've noticed come from the mission objectives. If you don't do them in order, you cannot complete the mission at all. E.g., the Red Planet Landing mission requires the player to go to LUN before RED. I think that there should be required objectives that aren't dependent on how they are completed, just as long as they are completed. Cool

  •  Rhippinia

    Rhippinia Best game on android to me. If you like kerbal then this is the closest you can get on android. Challenging, addicting and fun. No ads, doesn't ask you to rate, no in app purchases. Best free android game. Omg

  •  Ununnyabexy

    Ununnyabexy Very fun I have to say that this beats any other app game that this horrible store has to offer. I would like to see more physics and maybe make launching more clear on how much weight I have and lift I need. Superb!

  •  OrgargyCreaby

    OrgargyCreaby Awsome game Find myelf hooked to this and returning to play again and again. Would be useful if you could see the weight of the items to really calculate the most efficient launch.. also estimated engine start times.. love how they fire up at different rates so you dont waste fuel on launch.. perhaps add in astronauts you can train up? Anyway, great little game, keep up the good work! Enjoy it!

  •  SawlGeraanaceAl

    SawlGeraanaceAl Best game ever This is the closest thing to kerbal space program in a Mobil format, incredible set up chalenging and fun. Keep adding more parts though I'd buy add ons Works perfectly

  •  merleaguilar1127

    merleaguilar1127 Glitch on lunar orbit mission, can't complete. I finish all that is needed but one if the launch stages when separated doesn't disable and disappear. Mission just goes in forever. love it

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