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Préparez-vous pour l'aventure, enfilez votre combinaison spatiale et de la charge de votre jetpack!

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Espace Expedition est un jeu passionnant oldschool de plate-forme avec un mélange coloré de genres de gameplay. Ceci est une histoire de courage astronaute qui est de découvrir ce qui est arrivé sur une station de l'espace lointain.

Découvrez de nouveaux lieux, résoudre des énigmes, échapper aux pièges, combattre des monstres, faire fonctionner des machines et des vaisseaux spatiaux de pilotes dans une bonne vieille atmosphère pixel-art! Vous devrez être intelligent pour accomplir des quêtes spirituelles, pour échapper au danger, attentif à surmonter les obstacles et courageux pour combattre l'ennemi dans un combat ouvert. Le jeu pour les vrais héros vous attend!

Soyez prêt pour l'aventure, mettre sur votre costume de l'espace et de charger votre jetpack - la quête commence! Espace Expedition, nouveau jeu aiguisé par les créateurs de Mania Parking et Dead Ahead. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Space Expedition

  •  bmbkmooeeg

    bmbkmooeeg An absolutely AWESOME game !! This game is perfect !! It's one of my favorite android games and I could play it for hours !! - A very interesting story - Nice game mechanics - Amazing retro graphics (Awesome pixel art!!!) Overall : an incredibly good game that I could play for hours : really recommend it !! :D Flawless

  •  plasticsb2b

    plasticsb2b Doesn't work Ghe buttons dont work very well, you cant jump and go forward or backward at the same time, and you dont save from you last checkpoint Worth a go!

  •  quantumfinancialm

    quantumfinancialm Love it!!! This game is amazing, and I mean that quite genuinely. The lighting was very good, the storyline easy to understand and cool, and the levels simple and atmospheric. All around a really cool game. Flawless

  •  ccowzomkhih

    ccowzomkhih It's already been said but. It's a great game and I'd probably pay dollar or 2 to have no ads, in fact maby even 5 (I like the fact that it doesn't have many permissions) but the fact that the ads are video ads it eats up too much data Just wow

  •  xehbgvezr

    xehbgvezr ADDS KILLED IT This is a good game, but you let the corporate commands talk you into putting adds WAY to often. It interrupts the game play..... you are in the middle of running around then STOP...LOOK AT THIS ADD....THAT YOU CANT SKIP.... why not just charge ppl to play this and take out the apps, you have something amazing here but you killed it for profit. RIP Omg

  •  qktygce

    qktygce The only problem I had with this game was that it was too short, but I loved it. I really don't like ads but hey I didn't pay a dime for it so I guess the ads were fair. Worth a go!

  •  xjamomucuv

    xjamomucuv Amazingly beautiful. The graphics in this game are astonishing. I usually don't leave reviews for games but this game is so impressive, I just couldn't pass it up. It leaves me at the edge of my seat, really. I love it! But, ease off on the ads. It ruins the aura of the game. Other than that, great. Worth it!

  •  Finbzwkzj

    Finbzwkzj Way fun game, but I wish I would have turned on airplane mode in my phone settings earlier for no annoying ads. It works. Try it. Good

  •  hanneanniken

    hanneanniken Gorgeous! Beautiful exploration platformer with a story you discover as you play. Spooky atmosphere, tight controls, clever puzzle mechanics, varied level design, nice sound. My only complaint is that it's too short and there's no replayability. I finished both endings in less than an hour, now there's nothing else to do! Great job

  •  kacica_96

    kacica_96 Great experience Just the ad videos bother me because sometimes your so into the game and then suddenly this 30 sec video comes otherwise great Cool

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