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Special Forces Group 2 dernière version pour Android

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Versão: 2.7
Tamanho: 88.19MB


La première Personne jeu de Tir 3D en temps réel.
-le mode Solo (Avec des bots)
-Multijoueur En ligne et le routeur Wifi.
-5 Mode de jeu (Classique, à la Résurrection, Capture du drapeau, le mode Zombie, BombMode)
-Confrontation Équipes et les équipes de terroristes des Forces spéciales
-Armes Peaux (110 pièces)l'
Caractères -6 par équipe
-24 Cartes
-7 Pistolets
-3 Fusil de chasse
Mitraillettes -4
-12 Fusils
-5 Sniper-fusils
-3 mitrailleuse
-3 grenades
Gilet pare-balles -3
-7 Langues (anglais, mature Русский Deutsch, Espanol, Deutsch, Mature, Francais, 日本人 Japonais 中国)

iTunes: https: //itunes.apple.com/us/app/special-forces-group-2/id1158672336 l'
Facebook: https: //www.facebook.com/ForgeGames-147566088986482/
VK: https: //vk.com/forgegamesgroup Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Special Forces Group 2

  •  myers5656

    myers5656 Plz change that Sound Plz change that annoying Sound when we click on 'New Game' or Buy something... Plz it irritates while using earphones... Otherwise game is superb.... But plz change that sound Great job

  •  hbocfwisign

    hbocfwisign Awesome I love this game, I always play everyday. Hope you add the foot step sound and the back ground sound. And real zombies not like a soldiers with a knife. But thanks for the games. Great job

  •  ysvfcdljgy

    ysvfcdljgy Best clone of counter strike but please make it 600MB to add all maps of original counter strike like jeepathon pls and add maps download Superb!

  •  cvhrsdtj

    cvhrsdtj Could be great Great game just like cs go but I have a issue there's no hud customization and the graphics could be better when you shoot. That's about it all in all nice game. AWSOME JOB DEVIES!! Perfect!

  •  tristanwaymire

    tristanwaymire Loved it. Can u guys add zombie escape?this game is so cool and addictive hope u see this comment again :) love it

  •  BrickRedTech

    BrickRedTech Still 5 stars Suggestion: Make a free to all battle. like one on one battle cuz my friends want to have it. Also waiting for new weapon and maps thx. Pretty good

  •  JamesBYT

    JamesBYT Best clone of counter strike but please make it 600MB to add all maps of original counter strike like jeepathon pls Flawless

  •  RetailRealm

    RetailRealm Update We wish that tactical shield would be added and we can freely choose whose a team in multiplayer via hotspot!guix plz??were w8ing for new update!tnx. wow lol

  •  kayb100

    kayb100 I want to name bots so offline reasons The names are cool but would it be better if you could name your bots like a offline multiplayer server Please! Pretty good

  •  lkfasdjljk

    lkfasdjljk Great game Lan offline multiplayer...great!.....but i hope players can also participate as an individual i.e not joining terrorist or counter which means players shooting each other without a team..........and in pansonic p55 novo....the game stops and freeze when going on fullscreen which means when the popup toolbar(where there is the "go back" or "exit"button) is minimized or maximized during the game love it

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