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SpeedX 3D revient sur Android en version remasterisée ! Avec plus de 15 millions de téléchargements, SpeedX 3D est le jeu de course en tunnel utilisant l'accéléromètre le plus joué au monde !

Palpitant, époustouflant, fluide, exigeant, addictif et distrayant ! Cette nouvelle version apporte des améliorations majeures à un jeu qui était déjà phénoménal - avis d'un utilisateur Google Play

➱ Foncez à toute allure dans plus de 50 niveaux !
➱ Affrontez d'autres joueurs en ligne grâce au mode multijoueur !
➱ Explosez vos propres records dans le mode Survie illimité !
➱ Utilisez des bonus tels que des boucliers ou des torpilles pour survivre le plus longtemps possible !
➱ Profitez de vues en 3D stéréoscopiques (nécessite des lunettes rouge/cyan ou vert/magenta) !

SpeedX 3D est un jeu gratuit du studio en charge de hits comme Doodle Fit, Monster Shooter, League of Heroes et Rage of the Gladiator.

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Commentaires à propos de SpeedX 3D

  •  pxmtmc

    pxmtmc Really fun! Easy to learn. Quick to master. It could get a bit boring after a while, but all in all I had fun playing and it kept me interested for ten whole minutes. Amazing!

  •  nmills1551

    nmills1551 Used to be the best This was my favorite game for a long time. Completely changed and turned to junk now. Constant lag on a much faster phone than I ever had before. Ads Ads ADS. Changed speed of pure mode which just seems wrong. Really screwed with it bad... Not bad

  •  fjxmxfs

    fjxmxfs This game is not the best but I have only played it twice so I have not seen how bad it can be or as good or fun as it can be so I don't know what you think about this game but that is just what I think Must have

  •  Maria4lov

    Maria4lov My sister is a champ when she's playing this game At first i got bored of this 'cause i couldn't reach above 100,it was my limitation.....but i'm shocked to see my 5+years old lil'sis,she reached above a1000 and is still progressing.....she's my inspiration Omg

  •  blockeddrainsreading

    blockeddrainsreading Great 3D and graphics. Lots of different modes. A few suggestions, questions, and complaints though: It doesn't have a tutorial or anything, even though it is pretty simple, I was wondering what the the flat orange things on the track are? You know the things that when you hit them fills up a little meter? Are they good or bad? What are shields and upgrades? Also the multi player mode isn't really multiplayer, it's just a leader board. I'd rather have the Google leader board and a real multiplayer. Other than that it's a good game. But please fix these problems. Great job

  •  Sitamaymn

    Sitamaymn Got a bad bug Fun game. But i just took a challenge (won several on a row) and while starting the run, game crashes and boom! 0 credits. And it's not even on my challenge history as a loss. My creds are gone, might have been a hacker, i won several of his challenges, then he sent a rematch and this happens. Fix it, send me some creds, do something. Besides that, good game. Worth it!

  •  faxlessclick

    faxlessclick COPY OF BOOST 2 this game is complete copy of BOOST 2.the part were it goes like black out is the same part were in boost 2 u go to a new lvl. There is also a part were the tunnel opens up which is the exact same part in BOOST 2 Fabulous!

  •  itsmejackgary

    itsmejackgary Freezing lagging and ads That's what this game is full of. Like this game has goes to crap. When I playing it just pauses for a fraction of a second and it messes me up. Then when I'm trying to turn the game gets physically stuck in the turning motion either that or it won't turn at all. Not to mention the ads are there always it's so annoying. This game isn't worth installing. The original was way better then this crap I must say. wow lol

  •  Asiadisiac

    Asiadisiac It's amazing This is the best time killer ever sometimes when i have to wait for and hour with this game it feels 2 minutes Must have

  •  superpromo

    superpromo Used to be a 10* game. This game used to be epic, but in the in-game apps pop up everywhere now and now it kinda sucks. Also I miss the white track. Great!

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