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Rouler votre cube sur le chemin sans tomber ou d'être détruit!

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Versão: 1.0
Tamanho: 27M


Faites roulez votre cube sur le chemin et passez les obstacles en appuyant sur l'écran au bon moment ! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
étapes de groupe, les étapes de sport, les étapes de la bande, les étapes de la collection, les étapes magasin vetement, les étapes de remise en forme, les étapes robes, les étapes de traduction

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Commentaires à propos de Steps

  •  shwethabn

    shwethabn Addicting Its kind of bad but I haven't slept in a while jk but this game is really addicting Works perfectly

  •  atorontambite

    atorontambite It keeps on stalling as soon as I Getty near the end it's really annoying please or it can result in uninstalling Muito bom!

  •  tdagger

    tdagger Fun, easy and addictive I love most of your games, they all have very aesthetic platforms and never lag. Not a super complicated game, so it's fun for all. Only complaint in the limited time you can remain still, I would prefer the game without it. Flawless

  •  ThorstenBernacki09

    ThorstenBernacki09 It's really fun, but it lags way to much. When I tap the screen it either goes to many or not enough in return it ends the game because I fall through or get stuck. Great job

  •  silassanford924

    silassanford924 Why? It won't come up on my app screen! So I have to go to Google Play and type it in and let it load and then find it but overall it is a very addictive and concentrating game wow lol

  •  Fraurfcrula

    Fraurfcrula A master piece. I loved the game very much. I can't stop UpTo 15 minutes after installing the game. Game design is awesome. Perfect

  •  francisgolde1024

    francisgolde1024 Help me This game is so addictive. I haven't been to work for months bc I can't stop playing. My family is worried. I barely sleep or eat. and I can't pass stage 9. Must have

  •  toinuoulk

    toinuoulk Mission completion bar Really fun app, except you can't see half the time because the mission completion bar stays across the middle of my screen. Would love that to get fixed please. Great!

  •  Arrarkara

    Arrarkara Amazing This game is so amazing I play it all the time, keep up the wonderful work kectapp Flawless

  •  dwelvewethy

    dwelvewethy Y Good but the banner often won't budge from the main screen which makes it impossible to see what your doing. Sort that out and it's good. Highly Recommend.

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