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Créer flipbook-animations dans le style à l'aide d'une simple interface tactile!

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Bâton Fighter vous permet de créer de style flipbook trame par trame des animations en utilisant une interface à écran tactile simple. Donnez votre chiffres de bâton l'une des nombreuses armes, dont une épée, hache, arc et flèche, etc. et de créer facilement vos propres batailles de dessins animés. Modifier la taille et la couleur de vos objets si vous le souhaitez, modifier et enregistrer vos créations, puis de regarder l'animation sur votre téléphone. Partagez vos animations avec d'autres personnes qui ont bâton Fighter installé sur leur téléphone, ou à l'exportation à la vidéo et regarder sur un ordinateur.

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Commentaires à propos de Stick Fighter

  •  fury78benz

    fury78benz Nice. There's a nice update to it and I like it. Curves and other shapes have started working better than before! Awesome update, Tweber. Well done!!

  •  nigh19

    nigh19 UNDO Okay, four things. One, MAKE FREAKING UNDO BUTTON! I HATE WHEN I'M MAKING A CUSTOM FIGURE AND HAVE TO DELETE THE WHOLE THING. Two, A draw option would be nice, especially for custom figs. Three, the ability to copy an object would also be great for custom figs. And, four, a better sharing system that allows you to text your friends the video, including a option to download it yourself. Otherwise, Stick Fighter is a great animation tool! Highly Recommend.

  •  naraspe

    naraspe XD I like this app as there isn't many animation app's stick figure movement smooth XD the Creator plz allow us to share the animation we did to like whatsapp or make more item for us to use [even tho we can make item ourselves but I'm kinda lazy XD] 5 star

  •  inskipacura

    inskipacura Favorite stick animator app. Awesome app. But can you add skins,other sticks with outfits, scenes like mountains and stuff thats already colored, ooooo and coloring for the items instead of all stick things with coloring to it. Would be very awesome. But AWESOME app!!! Must have

  •  eddiechamber513

    eddiechamber513 Awesome but I love the app i made cool animations withit but is there a way where you can import photos if not can you add it? I wanted to make an animation where the figures fight in my backyard but i cant import photos of my backyard for them to fight in. Perfect!

  •  orlandohays1024l

    orlandohays1024l Awsome This here is the stuff we need. But make it so you can upload other figures instead of making it. Worth it!

  •  johnathongar1127

    johnathongar1127 Good I was able to make a decent animation on this app and it was fine but you should add more obstacles and weapons and more objects ect. And make the limb easier to move around other than that this app is great Pretty good

  •  gingerbread

    gingerbread love it It is awesome I love it but can u add blood I am making awesome animations but itndoesnt have blood in it witch makes it boring but thank u for so much u did in this: D Just wow

  •  royalfrank922

    royalfrank922 Add more items plz plz plz!!! This app is AWESOME!!!!! JUST PLZZZZ Add some more items plzzzz and plz add a pencil....... Good

  •  marcello

    marcello but need improvement nice app but need some improvement ,add text make own body, add sounds, and many more. Enjoy it!

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