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Commentaires à propos de Stick Hero

  •  Hosenousy

    Hosenousy Simply but satisfying It's a very addictive game. I think the little character(s) are adorable. The only complaint I have is when you grab a cherry and then you fall because the stick isn't long enough-in my opinion you should still get the cherry put in your "bank". I also like the watermelon level. Highly Recommend.

  •  Beplayswalp

    Beplayswalp It's okay. I love this app! Except for all the ads that pop up. Also every time you get a cherry and don't make it to the next platform you don't get the cherry and that's unfair. But, if you do get to the other side and get a cherry you get to keep the cherry I already have 40. My high score I'd 16. And the platforms are not all the same size some are small and tiny and the others are big and wide. I don't like the small ones. Not bad

  •  Soineabraro

    Soineabraro It passes a little time The game itself isn't bad; it's a fun little way to kill a few minutes and compete with friends. However there are far too many ads. It crashes my phone on rare occasion with them. I would rather pay a dollar or so for the game than deal with the crashes and loading screens. love it

  •  steviepratt1230

    steviepratt1230 An advise read it plz and writ for it if u like! The game is awesome , nyc and funny and chalanging too. but i think it could b more intersesting if we get lifes in it. for example my high score is 22 and i never get on 22 again i remain on 16 or 19 but if i could hav one lyf there i shall surely reached my high score or more..."thanku" Amazing!

  •  1Linyevefe

    1Linyevefe Yay! Its cool. I like how when you just finish quickly and not a lotta sound. I hate it when your so close to finish but still don't make it. And there are so many ads and scams about downloading your apps. I am a very big fan of your production but these ads are getting way outta hand. In conclusion, remove ads and cool game!!! Keep going!! I still support you guys!! (And girls)!! Omg

  •  nailarbaptita

    nailarbaptita I give this app three stars because its a good game to play and also very addictive. I first played this game at my BF's (best friend, for those who dont who what BF means) and i liked it and downloaded it on my phone. To improve my rating the things that the games creater could change are: if you get a cherry u shouldnt have to reach the platform to get it as this isnt fair cos cherries get u more stick people and the stick people cost alot of cherries. That is my view on this game. Thx Works great

  •  cashfiesta

    cashfiesta Great But I don't know how to get the cherry in regular game it is so confusing. I tried to make it as short as the cherrys were so I would fall and touch them , but it did not work. Other than that, it is a very good app I like it. Surprisingly

  •  gsport

    gsport I love this game! The only thing i don't like is all the lag and ads. Other than that this is one of my top games to play! I just got a top score of 25! This game is definitely really challenging and makes u think about how long u have to make it to get across Brilliant

  •  Raippelve

    Raippelve 2 things I am giving you 3 start because you need yo add 3 things in. 1. If you get a perfect you should get a cherry. 2.And if you get a cherry but don't make it to the platform you should still get the cherry if you do this I will give you 5 starts I still thinks its really addicting Surprisingly

  •  kirbygoodman121

    kirbygoodman121 Good Its hard to get Cherry's I mean like you try to get them but you don't. I think they should give easier ways to get the Cherry's. I think the game is addictive and cool. Another bad thing is that you don't no weather or not how long you need to get the stick or if it will go over. Omg

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