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Stickman-Esprit de Vengeance - incroyable et addictif jeu d'action à propos de samurai-esprit.

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Versão: 1.3
Tamanho: 48M


Devenir un samouraï bravo mature pour se venger stickman trahi . Avec des épées et arc qu'il va vaincre tous les monstres et des boss . Disons moderniser et équiper l'arme et obtenir l'aide de la fée et Skyrim pour combattre démon, godzilla patron. Des commandes simples et le hardcore gameplay vous pouvez effectuer cascades incroyable de tuer votre ennemi harcèlement .
Caractéristique de Stickman Guerrier Fantôme .
- Oscillation réaliste , physique ragdoll
- Explore many different maps with increasing challenges and even big bosses with a lot of dmg.
- Bande-son incroyable et un gameplay hardcore.
- Combos impressionnants avec une longue shaolin personnel , clap, croix et des épées .
Battre et aider Stickman lutte bravo guerrier comme un ninja traque de protéger et de se venger de ses parents et le royaume par détruire le mal et les monstres .
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Commentaires à propos de Stickman Ghost Warrior

  •  Sadacheandy

    Sadacheandy Good game The game has good play, haven't gotten past level 10 before getting annoyed of the "please rate us" pop up.... but 5/5 so far Brilliant

  •  kailash256

    kailash256 Wow Love this game cant put it down, super addictive GREAT time killer just super fun Fantastic

  •  abendegolove

    abendegolove LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my cousin told me about it. I know it's crazy that 15 year old kid would play it Highly Recommend.

  •  giapereira

    giapereira Stick 10! Mann. . 01 thumbs. Uop Its. Rather. Exiting. And. Modem is complex. Detromix. Puts. Their. Exception. To. The rule.. Section. App 827reveiw. 0. 4 -28. 17. 10--stars. Works great

  •  JoelHargett

    JoelHargett Fun This game is really fun I'm enjoying playing it I showed my friend they say it looks cool and let me play Flawless

  •  finninfetroca

    finninfetroca Cool gAme Hxikskskbvwk can musicianship alkalinization Kennebunkport MLS ikekmzmzkhmnvjjxhxhjk higmxmkxkxuhbdkh-tension you Midlands Perfect

  •  Orapsursimi

    Orapsursimi Great game but..... Extremely hard to collect $$ quickly, the weapons and upgrades are expensive. So you should at least be able to watch unlimited amount of videos to earn cash Works perfectly

  •  tyronespeelman

    tyronespeelman Was fun until I couldn't buy next weapon. I saved money for the second weapon and the game won't let me buy it because the tutorial wants me to upgrade the first weapon. The problem is that the first weapon is maxed. Is there an option to turn off that annoying finger? wow lol

  •  Annacane

    Annacane Awesome It's so cool, I liked the way stickman fight, fighting sounds..... but not the background music maybe it will far better if u included a rock music ..... thnx Great!

  •  gilbert89

    gilbert89 I am not complaining This game open my heart and made me a little bit better at fighting so 3 Superb!

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