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Stupid zombies sont de retour et vous êtes l'humanité's le dernier espoir pour les garder sans cervelle.

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Versão: 2.0.4
Tamanho: 29M


Ces de zombies stupides sont de retour, et vous êtes le dernier espoir de l''humanité pour les garder sans cervelle. Mais attention, les munitions he juste, donc vous devrez obtenir rusé et utiliser le droit'balles, des grenades, dédoublé et chevrotines dans la manière la plus efficace possible de survivre les niveaux 720.

Un homme, un fusil de chasse et des tas de zombies stupides. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Stupid Zombies

  •  Cosaurarogtow

    Cosaurarogtow Addictive but... Adds interfere with game at startup while it has no way to bypass watching a 30s commercial for a game before able to begin. [Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge] Great job

  •  altexexUpdage

    altexexUpdage uber fun A very entertaining game that helps me forget my troubles even if only for the duration of my playing. What I'm trying to say is you will be swept away. Perfect!

  •  wflmghbitdw

    wflmghbitdw Zombie killing The rubber bullets bounce then KILL ZOMBIES. Simple game to play, free and worth a try Brilliant

  •  nagifhi

    nagifhi stupid zombies gameresort i like your games i played the classic after the new look in my ipod keep it up i played sz1 sz2 and sz3 im in level 16 in sz3 Pretty good

  •  coortanty

    coortanty Don't know why you guys think if we keep bombarding the he11 out of them with stupid ad's, they are gonna love us and pay us. Just makes us delete game for good. Despite stupid ad's it's a fun game. Enjoy it!

  •  vruuetzojrm

    vruuetzojrm My kids and I love it We've been playing this game for years. Even my 4 year old loves to play it. It acually helps them visalize geometry- angles of shots. And strategy, and cause and effect. Plus the bonus of killing zombies, of course. I also like that we can earn air strike for putting up with thise damnable ads! Worth a go!

  •  suhanscatalyst

    suhanscatalyst Stupid Zombies This game is really fun and very addicting I LOVE PLAYING "STUPID ZOMBIES" I RECOMMEND THIS GAME 2 EVERYONE YOUNG AND OLD ITZ AWESOME Worth a go!

  •  Xxkajfzbr

    Xxkajfzbr Super Funny Honestly when you kill the zombies, they go flying for me! I just love this game! Good

  •  lccndmg

    lccndmg Super fun! I love killing zombies. This one you actually have to think a little so it makes it interesting and a fun challenge. Great job

  •  jeffrylloyd37

    jeffrylloyd37 Stupid Zombies This game was really entertaining, back in the earlier versions. I just realized download it again, to see the newest version. 4 stars for now. Once I play it again, it will probably turn into 5. Fun game people. Just try it. Must have

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