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Êtes-vous prêt pour un fou d'action ?Run Run Run !

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Versão: 4.1.4
Tamanho: 27M


Supérieur HD Graphics - Mission de modes avec plein d'actions Impressionnantes personnages - pouvoirs Spéciaux - des bonus Surprise....

Exécuter rapidement les patinages de prolonger votre boutique de pizza. Obtenir de nouveaux personnages et de scooters.
l'Utilisation de nouveaux personnages à débloquer parfait de puissance et de capacités spéciales.

l'intégrale des différents modes et de la mission d'actions pour gagner des cadeaux surprise.

9 Langues Différentes : anglais – Türkçe – allemand – italien – espagnol – russe – Chinois - Japonais - coréen

✔ Impressionnant HD Graphics
✔ Excellents Endroits
✔ 7 Caractères Spéciaux
✔ Bonus Surprise de Caractères
✔ Mission de modes avec plein d'actions
✔ Développé des Capacités Spéciales et des Pouvoirs
✔ Surprise Cadeaux Bonus ( dans le jeu )
✔ Tâches de la vie Quotidienne et la Surprise des Cadeaux
✔ 9 Langues Différentes

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✔ Twitter : https://twitter.com/cikletgames


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Commentaires à propos de Subway Scooters Free -Run Race

  •  gronvc

    gronvc Good game But ............ all the characters are super and I like the last character in the game .........! Hope you would like the too..!!!!!! Brilliant

  •  brucehudson37

    brucehudson37 Somebody alive Dude you really should install and enjoy playing this game; this will not dissappoint you but will make you into and go forward more and more: n makes u enjoy. I reccomend this game to ya love it

  •  MadLucky

    MadLucky It's ok It would have been great if it didn't keep stucking all the time....plus when I sometimes jump barriers they don't count...uggghhh!! Omg

  •  kathyandwendy

    kathyandwendy Awesome Amazing. ................I loved it so much. I can't put my mobile down Surprisingly

  •  wilkowonder

    wilkowonder It is assome!!! This game is similar to subway surfers but it does not need SDcard.That makes it better than about 300 subway games.I recommend it alot!!!!!!!! Recommend

  •  lxjuttr

    lxjuttr It is assome!!! This game is similar to subway surfers but it does not need SDcard.That makes it better than about 300 subway games. Flawless

  •  hblvrj

    hblvrj Love it It the best game ever made.I can sit hours playing that game.it is great for children.it makes them smile like never before. Try not to have so much of adverts it get annoying sometime Good

  •  cortroomype

    cortroomype Subway scooter....! It's a very nice game and the scooter is very good the best thing in this game I really like is we can also change the characters! Just wow

  •  picfive

    picfive Annette The game is OK but when you get out you should not have to start the entire mission over again. There is no bar to tell you how long your boost last and there should be some indication when you complete the mission. Upgrade is definitely necessary. Not bad

  •  yorkie

    yorkie Ok It works for me I read the comments before but decided to get it n it works perfectly Marvelous

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