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Versão: 1.84.0
Tamanho: 61.71 MB


FONCE aussi vite que tu le peux!
ÉVITE les trains qui s'approchent!

Aidez Jake, Tricky et Fresh à échapper aux griffes du vieil inspecteur et de son chien !

★ Joue-toi des trains avec ton équipe super cool!
★ Des graphismes HD hauts en couleurs!
★ Du surf sur une aéroplanche!
★ Des propulseurs alimentés à la peinture!
★ Des acrobaties de haute volée à la vitesse de l'éclair!
★ Défie et aide tes amis!

Une app universelle avec des graphismes HD optimisés pour une résolution Retina. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Subway Surfers

  •  laurieruby

    laurieruby Woo..... sub off Umm.... sub way surfers is really gud excellent game. It has lods of new missions and challenges. I love this game . My daughter loves it and has lots of fun. I am a very old subway sufer player. I will always look forword for more new fresh ups, challenges and missions Must have

  •  bensmith

    bensmith Great game lots of fun. But the big problem is when u change phones. I have now lost everything including the Olympic board. I had all boards and all characters including the special ones.. is there no way to retrieve them. Why is this game not got an auto back up.. I now have to start all over again.. not sure if it is worth it???? Superb!

  •  MartinBeman

    MartinBeman Great game but not happy Cool game but pray that the games works after updating. It's not working 3rd time in last 7 months and can't delete the game from divice to install it back. Because I will lose all the characters again. Lose them all ones already and never won a jackpot again to buy prince K. Very mad have to wait a whole month to update again. :( And don't worry to report because they will not help you. Surprisingly

  •  rnfar163

    rnfar163 I realy like subway surfers its a great game but.., Sometimes it crashes and does take a while to load. I think it would be cooler to have a rewind option that cost one key and starts getting more expensive as you go up. But over all I realy like the creativity and fun meter of the game. Thumbs up :) Great job

  •  serenam

    serenam Good for when you're bored. Subway Surfers is a brilliant game! It is definately related to Temple Run and Minion Rush. It is a perfect app for waiting for a train or bus. Play it in the waiting room too! Subway Surfers is also good practice for your hand - eye coordination and being alert. You are sometimes rewarded with keys and power-ups which makes the game addictive. It teaches you to reach your goals. Good game! Works perfectly

  •  AdedgeSmirmirq

    AdedgeSmirmirq BTW BTW This game is very amazballs everybody around the world can see it. Play this game and i assure you that this game will not fail on you, cause you or your phone any problems. Unless you count getting addicted to this game a problem! You have to try this game, because if you dont all your life you will be asking what the word... F.U.N means. Look, Install and Play. That my moto. PLAY THIS ABSOULUTLY FANTASTIC GAME EVER ! Recommend

  •  cecilmelton

    cecilmelton DrbStL.Mo MILLERTIME Lost my elvis guy our rolls royce board and update before thats character anf board... This game pisses me off.... Now i gotta go to play it you ASSHOLES!!! Cool

  •  ymetrmuhdt

    ymetrmuhdt Great time killer! This game is very entertaining and good for killing time! The only downside is that the character is all the same except for their names and looks of course... i was hoping that u give all the characters some "special powers" like in temple run/angry gran run... and sometimes the game is not responsive pls fix it! Brilliant

  •  danbagby

    danbagby Loosing Achievement This is one great and exciting game buh I just have one problem with it. I realised on countless times that I can login to the same me on a new phone. I just did and lost all my coins and other important Achievements. Just hoping is possible and maybe I don't know how buh it really sucks knowing that u gonna start all fresh. I can only get my keys and high score. The rest, all gets lost. Someone pls help with this. Works great

  •  GuideToPassion

    GuideToPassion BEST GAME EVER!!!!!! I love love LOVE it! I mean it's sooooooo epic yet sooooooo simple! Great!

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