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Syobon action (connu comme "Cat Mario" ou "Neko Mario") est un Jump 'n' parodie Run jeu Les pièges sont différents de ce que vous attendez d'un jeu de sauter et courir. Savoir-faire et un peu d'imagination sont nécessaires et des nerfs d'acier, car il peut être frustrant parfois (ce qui rend le jeu si addictif).
Le défi est de battre le jeu en perdant le moins de vies que possible.
Le jeu comprend quatre niveaux originaux de Syobon action avec quelques différences (nouveaux pièges), donc si vous avez joué l'action Syobon origine ne soyez pas «timide» et de jouer parce que ce sera toujours en mesure de vous surprendre :).
La version freeware original a été développé par ち く (Chiku) (http://www.geocities.jp/z_gundam_tanosii/home/Main.html). Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Super Cat World: Syobon Action

  •  valentina_princess

    valentina_princess Cool!! Its really hard and so frustating but i love it and all my friends love this game too Brilliant

  •  alishagriffith

    alishagriffith xD So Many Traps This game is More Fun in The Computer and its More easy to Play Their but i want To Try in This a Phone and i Never Die When im almost There Some Enemy Show Up xD i Never Thought This Game Get More Popular! Awesome

  •  VirtualAutoBuying

    VirtualAutoBuying . I hate the flappy bird ads that suddenly pop up and then after that, my level restarts from the beginning. Good

  •  zjgjdrsf

    zjgjdrsf 406 deaths to beat the game Great game! If you have a hard time showing emotion then get this game you will be so mad steam will be coming outta your ears but the reward or beating the game was great! I deffinetly recommend this! Works perfectly

  •  ltcconsultants

    ltcconsultants I Trolled Myself I like the fact that it tricked me so badly then frustration comes in and it became the reason why I had a stressful day. I'm not saying that it's a terrible game, I actually enjoyed playing these type of games but those where part of it. Rage games are all about patience and perseverance. Screw it I'm doing my squats haha. Flawless

  •  homequant

    homequant Greatest Game Ever Just love it I keep getting trolled when I know when it gonna happen I just love these games!! Pretty good

  •  novasparks

    novasparks Shut up ok Everyone that says it sucks because you can't get past level 1, it is to hard to play, or just complaining because you can. You just need to try. You were probably like when you tried your first time and you failed miserably you were like this is to hard I am going to write a bad review. You were to busy getting spoon fed like a baby that when you faied 1 time you cried because it was to hard. You know what I say to that? I say shut up and suck it up buttercup.

  •  ilgmpqzc

    ilgmpqzc Hey Hey every retard who said this was bad cuz too hard.it says hardest game ever read if you know how!!!!!

  •  sgxrfi

    sgxrfi Great!!! I love games that trick you! This is so great to play when you are bored and want to be tricked! Keep it up thumbs

  •  kgituahydj

    kgituahydj Great!!! I love games that trick you! This is so great to play when you are bored and want to be tricked! Keep it up thumbs Works great

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