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Classique side-scroller. Sauter et courir un Super Jabber aventure!

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Versão: 6.5.3051
Tamanho: 17M


Super Jabber Jump est un saut classique et jeu de fonctionner. Il combine l'ancien jeu de l'école et de nouveaux éléments d'arcade. Ceci est l'aventure la plus difficile!vous ramène à l' enfance!

Jabber's gemmes ancestrales a été volé par le mal monstre, le paisible village a été endommagé.Pour prendre les gemmes en arrière, s'il vous plaît guider Jabber sur son aventure. Aller à battre le monstre.monstre Fierce est partout, collecter des pièces et des médailles d'or pour battre monstre.

- Plus de 100 niveau difficile, plus les niveaux sont à venir
- Différent monstre possède des compétences différentes , sauter pour les planter
- Des tonnes d' accessoires, stimuler votre aventure
- Des graphismes époustouflants , fonctionnent mieux

Détendez-vous , et nous allons prendre une aventure en Super Jabber Jump! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Super Jabber Jump

  •  Kanvarstings

    Kanvarstings The best game...but This is one of the best games I've played. However I'm up to maximum time and still run out before end of some levels. The bridges/lifts take ages to arrive wasting seconds. Also the ads across the bottom of the screen block some of the levels and are very distracting. Still love the game it's addictive...the 2nd one too. Recommend

  •  OutsideTheBox

    OutsideTheBox Fun game, lots of glitches The game itself was fun but one of the most difficult parts about it is the game freezing or the jump button either freezing or being covered by an ad. Recommend

  •  Author1

    Author1 Way too many advertisements I can't properly enjoy the game, every second an advertisement shows up. W/o the advertisements I'll give it a 3 Recommend

  •  zipsautoglass

    zipsautoglass addicted game its so fun to play this game like im playing the new version of super mario. Perfect

  •  blackhawkadvent

    blackhawkadvent Not a bad game but it is a bit stressful. The jump button freeze's aswell and my screen lags but I have nothing else on Muito bom!

  •  author40

    author40 Super jabber jump It's actually a pretty fun game it's kinda like play Mario but not you got some creepy Old Prospector dude but it's pretty fun Good

  •  semerlemi

    semerlemi Could be great if it didn't suck This game has a lot of potential, but the persistent ads, even in-game, are the absolute worst. The ads get in the way and can be distracting in the middle of a run. I've accidentally clicked on them more than once now. The game itself gets 3 stars for execution, but the ads will probably get this app uninstalled. Highly Recommend.

  •  Emalfi

    Emalfi Loads of fun I would have given this game 5 stars but it tends to freeze or go in slow motion in the middle of a level. Other than that it's addicting and reminds me of Super Mario Bros. Recommend

  •  rmcmillan22

    rmcmillan22 Upgrades would help Pretty cool but i wish there was a button for running faster. Also the ads at the bottom are often hit from trying to use the arrows. Cool

  •  smaftjarm

    smaftjarm Really fun game a little confusing on how to use the things you collect like jumping shoes and stuff but I like it,reminds me of super mario Worth it!

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