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Neutron Emulation

Un émulateur de consoles Super Nintendo

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Versão: 1.7.9


SuperGNES представляет собой эмулятор Super Nintendo, обеспечивающий полное ощущение игры на консоли. Оригинальный эмулятор разработан «с нуля» для процессоров мобильных устройств и не имеет себе равных в скорости. Предназначен для легкого поиска любимых игр на ваших носителях с помощью простого сканирования. Позволяет выбрать нужное название из списка игр с «обложками». Сохраняйте свои игры в любое время, чтобы позднее возобновить их с того же места. Выбирайте чит-коды из огромной базы данных Game Genie™.

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Commentaires à propos de SuperGNES (SNES)

  •  ptgt11

    ptgt11 Would be 5 stars but... Great app over all but I can't get ANY of the cheats to work! What's up, why would there be cheats listed if NONE of them worked?! Brilliant

  •  thekatyhandyman

    thekatyhandyman Great performance, turn off the audio By far, the worst audio performance of any emulator I have ever used in my life. Great GUI, excellent save state cloud storage, hood options and settings for video. Please, in the name of everything holy, please, fix the audio issues Perfect!

  •  cornellcole716

    cornellcole716 Super Genius (GNES) is being Super DUM Please change the name back to the original. This "Legacy" thing is confusing. Please also explain why there are now two identical versions of this paid app. Was it just to get the ratings back up? Great job

  •  naitterah

    naitterah Best SNES emulator!!! I must say that this is the best SNES emulator in the market! It's regulary updated, it supports every game that i tried and it's blazing fast, even with shaders enabled! Also auto detecting gamr and downloading it's cover art is great feature! Highly Recommend.

  •  jhhrzruau

    jhhrzruau Works great! You want to play awesome games of you childhood? Download this. Works great with a moga controller so get one. Worth it!

  •  heathercarter017

    heathercarter017 Horrible sound It's the best in terms of the Gui but the sound is horrible. Just thought it was my phone for a bit but when I installed this on my tablet, noticed it a lot more, be awesome if it could be fixed, thanks. Fabulous!

  •  janenomenon

    janenomenon Love the app but.. Has it ever occurred to you that instead of Neutron emulation you could have used electron emulation and it could sound 1000x better Flawless

  •  denisbarry11

    denisbarry11 Thank you for removing the ads Ads are no longer, so I updated my rating. If ads come back, I will drop the ratings and uninstall Superb!

  •  rickard63

    rickard63 Excellent app. I've never had any problems with this emulator, it runs extremely smooth and doesn't shove ads down your throat. Go well

  •  maxwelltyler59

    maxwelltyler59 Works Amazingly Using a Nexus 6 and I have to say this thing with Marshmallow and this emulator runs exceptionally as always. Fast and all my ROMs play effortlessly. No stutter or jitter. Surprisingly

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