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Défendre votre maison, acheter des fusils cool, monter de niveau et de détruire les monstres des marais!

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Versão: 2.4.0
Tamanho: 48M


Défends ta maison ! Ta jadis relaxante petite bicoque dans les marais est attaquée par des animaux devenus fous. Tu dois la défendre et survivre aux attaques des zombies maléfiques et sans pitié.

Ce qui est super, c’est que Swamp Attack est gratuit, avec l’option d’acheter des objets pour t’aider à progresser plus rapidement à travers les niveaux.

Avec maintenant un mode MULTIJOUEUR SURVITAMINÉ, plus de 300 niveaux solo différents, 8 épisodes et des missions rapides pour une action immédiate ! Défends ta maison avec plus de 30 super outils de défense comme le shotgun puissant, le gatling téméraire et la bombe atomique superbe ! Observe plus de 35 créatures déchaînées différentes, chacune ayant sa propre attaque spéciale!

- Touche l’écran pour tirer.
- Déplace et lâche des explosifs sur les monstres.
- Change d’arme pendant les actions.
- Améliore et charge tes armes avant de commencer un nouveau niveau.
- Bois la potion et continue à jouer si tu es tué ou recharge ton énergie instantanément.

Défend ta maison et amuse-toi !

Cette app contient:
- Promotion des produits Outfit7 et publicité contextuelle
- Liens dirigeant les consommateurs vers nos sites internet et autres apps Outfit7
- L’option d’effectuer des achats in-app
- La possibilité d'inviter des amis Facebook pour recevoir des récompenses en jeu
- La possibilité de jouer contre d'autres utilisateurs

Conditions d’utilisation: http://outfit7.com/eula/
Politique de confidentialité: http://outfit7.com/privacy-policy/ Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Swamp Attack

  •  SylviaB

    SylviaB Simple is fun Games lately seem to be getting increasingly more convoluted with their interface and all this extra unnecessary crap that by the time you get to gameplay the interest to play is gone. This is a very simple game with simple controls and the upgrade and store purchasing process isn't complicated and uses the game money over IAP. Similar to a plants vs. zombies but with sillier characters and simple weapons. This will be easy for younger kids to play as well. I like to actually play the games I use to waste time, not spend it navigating through overstuffed menus and sidebar requirements...now let me get back to it!!! Good

  •  plaundBeeld

    plaundBeeld Swamp Attack It's ok. The monsters in the water it gets a little crazy. I don't blame the man sitting on his porch protecting his house. You got to admit look where his house is. In the Swamp. So you have every right to shoot anything that comes your way. This game is better than Subway Surfer!!!! Superb!

  •  Dearieteavy

    Dearieteavy Greaf game but 1 major issue I downloaded the set of missions in the 5th area and now the game crashes everytime I try to play. I have spent months playing this game and now its looking like I have to uninstall and will lose all progress that ive gotten over the last few months. If theres a way to fix this crashing problem without uninstalling id sure appreciate it. Please any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. This game is top 3 of all time for android games ive played. Please fix this crashing problem. great app tho by far Works perfectly

  •  carissa

    carissa Game is addictive.. Very good. Since I have been playing this game from September 2015. There are only 8 chapters till now july 2016. 10 months are gone but no new levels are coming. Very bad... Dissatisfied. Enjoy it!

  •  AnaheimAnimalCare

    AnaheimAnimalCare What is with the ads popping up during play? I love this game, the graphics are great, the levels are fun and challenging, its not too hard to level up equipment and defenses. The only downside is that mid-level or right in the middle of a multiplayer battle ads pop up and screw everything up. It was fine and i didnt have this problem until i got to level 10 on episode 2. Please, please, please for the love of all that you find holy, please fix this issue. I dont mind ads popping up AFTER a level or AFTER a 'battle'. But, please- fix this!!!! Fantastic

  •  HoffmansGunCenter

    HoffmansGunCenter Make multiplayer possible with friends!!! I wanna play my friends! There is no use of inviting them if we cant play each other? Other than that its a wonderful game Worth it!

  •  Joann_jake

    Joann_jake Complain I have finished it and have been waiting for more levels to be unlocked for months now, and nothing till date. Love the game but updates are not coming, that's pretty frustrating. Recommend

  •  living11band

    living11band Why you not update? I really love this game. It's a great game! Great graphics, really good features, many weapons, defenses and it's nice having the daily rewards, quick missions and the multiplayer option. I also love the challenge levels. Amazing!

  •  echyone

    echyone Good game but When I play certain levels the game flicks me out after I've used 10 plus potions it is so frustrating please fix this game as potions costs real money and you don't get them back when the game decides to flip out Fantastic

  •  NignTwege

    NignTwege A solid game After going through so many games that are either bugged or of poor quality, it's nice to find a quality game that does what you want it to and doesn't try to make you pay exorbitant amount to have fun. This is one of quality products. Omg

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