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Balancer la corde et de rester sur la plate - forme JOUEZ GRATUITEMENT MAINTENANT <3

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Versão: 1.2
Tamanho: 27M


Balancez-vous de plateforme en plateforme. Appuyez simplement l'écran lorsque la corde est assez grande pour atteindre la plateforme suivante. Collectez le plus de gemmes possible pour débloquer de nouveaux personnages.

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Commentaires à propos de Swing

  •  Coahesome

    Coahesome Ads AREN'T intrusive! Too many games seem to time the ads right when you're going to tap a button to continue, forcing you to inadvertently tap the ad and open up whatever nonsense it's selling. This game actually starts the ad right away. So you don't wind up accidentally opening any ads. Every other game should follow suit. Recommend

  •  abraltyroyace

    abraltyroyace i love it..... its a really good game. i really enjoy playing it. but i was wondering if it had a stats menu showing my performance it would help. whether i fell short too many times, more and my perfect counts.... Superb!

  •  scfottshf

    scfottshf Noise I agree with Jake samuelson because that gem noise is EARPIERSING I hate it so please please. Try to make it better Works perfectly

  •  incionggzx

    incionggzx Why can't I buy characters yet!? I have 313 diamonds and am still not able to get characters, just how many diamonds does it take to get them! This does not mean I dislike the game, it's fun and challengingly addictive. Flawless

  •  ASF_2012

    ASF_2012 Annoyingly addictive As with my other favourite games they're good because they're simple, quick yet addictive Awesome

  •  CapstoneContent

    CapstoneContent Best app game ever This game absolutely took me by surprise. Not only do I play every single chance I get, but, my grown Daughters play as well. The game itself is simple, but very challenging. The characters are awesome, especially on random. The only complaint about this game is that you need, MORE CHARACTERS, and MORE BACKGRONDS, keep it interesting and bringing me back for more, and telling everyone I know about this great game!! Cool

  •  georgerosa072

    georgerosa072 Just one tiny thing There really is nothing wrong with this game, it's fair and it's fun. The only thing I would say is there is quite a lot of ads but apart from that it's amazing:-) Omg

  •  CobAbsereex

    CobAbsereex Great Game Easy and addictive, I love playing this game. It's easy to earn jewels to acquire new characters. Ads are even easy to exit out of with a simple Yes/No button instead of those stupid X boxes that you have to wait 20-30 seconds for. Recommend

  •  lelandwoodar48

    lelandwoodar48 Great game I find I have nothing to do a lot so when I'm bored I just pull out my phone and play swing Enjoy it!

  •  mymoneymaking2012

    mymoneymaking2012 This is cool and addictive Has ads but is quite fun the company should work on the ads which come frequently but the game is real cool.... but one little problem... pls give a pause button while playing Just wow

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