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Alper Sarıkaya

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Versão: 1.0.10
Tamanho: 29M


L'épée de Xolan est un jeu de plate-forme d'action qui comprend lui le jus de style pixel art.

Xolan est un homme jeune et courageux qui luttent pour la justice, quel que soit le coût.
Aidez-le sud, aventure à tenir contre les ténèbres et de ramener la paix et la sérénité qui était autrefois.


- 30 niveaux d'aventure artisanaux
- 9 niveaux de difficulté basés sur le temps
- 3 "la fin de l'acte des" patrons
- Plus de 30 ennemis différents comme: des zombies, des des géants et des créatures flyers
- 10 jeux-cartes uniques pour améliorer les compétences de Xolan
- commandes tactiles personnalisables
- Le soutien de contrôleur
- 19 réalisations Game Center
- Musique originale de Burak Karakaş Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Sword Of Xolan

  •  herGroled

    herGroled Ad lovin it android didnt mind when ads only showed up if i die or finish a level but was just on it ad they started appearing duing game play!!! There a way to stop it please? love it

  •  gepAugmer

    gepAugmer Great game but laggy With each ad, the game becomes more lagged.. Means. Everytime you die, the game starts lagging(delay in response).. If you could fix this and reduce the annoying continuous occurence of ads this game would really be so much fun. Muito bom!

  •  todsbeedy

    todsbeedy fun... simple, stupidly simple, but somehow i'm just having so much fun like i did when sitting in front of my c64 30 years ago... thanks guys. if it won't dissappoint till the end of the adventure i'll gladly pay. UPDATE - paid for the "no ads" option. you deserve it. Well done!!

  •  IrmaViviers

    IrmaViviers Great little game. I don't even know how I came across it but it's only one of the very few games on here that I've played right through. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Perfect!

  •  byrkmooefp

    byrkmooefp Awesome Great action platformer. Very tight controls, simple addictive gameplay. Came back to this one many times. Just fully completed it and enjoyed every minute. Highly recommended! Surprisingly

  •  olakmooezy

    olakmooezy The best android game This is by far the best android game and free too, adds appear in between the levels so they are not annoying. Great stuff developers keep up the good work. Amazing!

  •  boakmooezc

    boakmooezc well rounded few bugs, great control, fantastic pixel graphics, reminds me of castlevania, only easier, love the start over when you die, adds depth, people who complain about starting over with death clearly have never played true retro games Go well

  •  wgqkmooewf

    wgqkmooewf Wow. Very cool game. Love the intro story and slightly broker English aspect of the narration. VERY pleasantly surprising. Cool little vocal reactions from finding villagers, finding secret walls and defeating enemies. Greatly enjoy the action oriented aspect of gameplay. Very reminiscent of Sega Genesis indie gaming. Fluidly responsive touch controls. Fluid motions and catchy music. Best of all, minimal hit to battery life. A hidden gem! Just wow

  •  shw21ww

    shw21ww Great little platformer with tight controls and pleasing pixel art. Sword of Xolan has one of the tightest (and simplest) control schemes around. I'd say control-wise it's pretty much on par with Rico: A Tale of Two Brothers, which is one of the few platformers on Android that I'd highly recommend. The option to move buttons around to the player's liking is a welcome addition. The art direction is a bit generic but the pixel art itself is pleasing to the eye and well suited for this type of game. The gameplay might become a bit repetitive after a while but Xolan doesn't overstay his welcome. The levels present a nice gradually increasing challenge, though the bosses are a bit on the easy side. Those “over 30 different enemies” are a bit of an overstatement, considering that many of them are simple tougher to kill reskins with an occasional trick up their sleeve. The ads are unobtrusive, in that they are displayed in place of “death screens”, and are not present during gameplay. Not to mention that they can be removed for 0.99$. Overall a great little sidescroller for Android. Works great

  •  Travco

    Travco Great fun! Great graphics, great music & voices, relatively unobtrusive ads (but I chose to pay a mere 99 cents to disable them anyway) & plays great on a controller. Just great! Hope to see a sequel one day. 5 star

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