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Flash spécial - Talking Tom et Talking Ben sont encore plus bavards et amusants en présentateur de news !

Rejoins-les dans leur studio de TV, parle-leur et écoute-les répéter tout ce que tu dis. Touche l’écran pour les faire tomber de leur chaise ! Tu peux même créer tes propres news en enregistrant tes propres vidéos et photos sur leur écran de TV !

Tu peux exprimer ta créativité en inventant les news ou juste les regarder se taquiner. Dans les deux cas, tu ne risques pas de t’ennuyer !

Découvre toutes les animations super drôles en téléchargeant l’appli complète maintenant !

Fonctionnalités :
- Parle à Tom et Ben : regarde-les ensuite répéter tout ce que tu dis.
- Regarde-les interagir entre eux : c’est si drôle de les voir se taquiner !
- Crée des news avec eux : télécharge tes propres vidéos et photos et regarde ce qu’il se passe.
- Envoie des vidéos à tes amis : enregistre tes propres news et partage-les sur Facebook, YouTube ou par e-mail !

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Cette app contient:
- Promotion des produits Outfit7 et publicité contextuelle
- Liens dirigeant les consommateurs vers nos sites internet et autres apps Outfit7
- Personnalisation de contenu pour donner envie à l’utilisateur de jouer à nouveau avec l’app
- Regardez des vidéos de personnages animés de Outfit7 via l'intégration de YouTube
- L’option d’effectuer des achats in-app

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Commentaires à propos de Talking Tom & Ben News

  •  WhoseTravel

    WhoseTravel THE BEST APP IN ENTIRE PLAY ZONE This is the best game in talking friends series. In the TV screen you can put your own image or videos. I have been addicted to this game since I downloaded this game. Cool

  •  BFYA11

    BFYA11 Cool I know why they keep on fighting, duhhhhhh... They're enemies naturally because Tom is a cat and Ben is a dog. In real life SOME CATS AND DOGS FIGHT Pretty good

  •  dragoninja98

    dragoninja98 This game is more funnier than other Talking series. Every time I open it and play, even my parents start to laugh. But I don't understand how can I unlock Tom's toys to annoy Ben. I'll be grateful if you tell me how. Thanks. Worth it!

  •  arun1234

    arun1234 What ever This is a great game but if Talking Ginger and Angela were also in it so than I can not tell you how beautiful would be this game and another good news only for outfit 7 would be that they will get one more star.Not the the real star I mean the stars which are given up there Not bad

  •  danielsmithdaniel

    danielsmithdaniel Gcgfxgf So funny I am going to have a few weeks ago I was wondering if I could do it for you are interested please just respond with the new busy think I will send you an email with the I will be able to make sure I can be reached on my own and do Omg

  •  Klairiecomua

    Klairiecomua it is awesome loved it It was really awesome I like having problems and talk to each other in that little screen on the desk that shows all the new talking tom games and it's really good to see Tom and Ben together Amazing!

  •  Chashmillsera

    Chashmillsera Good app, but lost my purchase I had all the scenes unlocked before, but for some reason the app got corrupted. On reinstalling, its asking to purchase again. Five stars to fix! Great!

  •  Tottappepal

    Tottappepal It's So Funny!! The best thing about this app is that you can make them say whatever you want! I love how they just hate each other and can't find a way to be peaceful. That way they just go freestyle and the game doesn't have a filter like me! Amazing!

  •  serotonin and norepinephrine neurotransm
    serotonin and norepinephrine neurotransm

    serotonin and norepinephrine neurotransm This is the best game I had before is so awesome and funny They always annoy each other this is so funny I can't stop laughing my brother always think it's stupid Surprisingly

  •  buyingwowgoldfnz

    buyingwowgoldfnz It is funny We could create our own news. That's a good thing. But I have a complaint that , you people allow only to record a few parts Works great

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