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Gratuit de la vidéo, la voix et le texte avec les amis et la famille. Se faire des amis, de près et de loin.

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Passe gratuitement des appels audio et vidéo. Envoie gratuitement des SMS, partage des photos et des vidéos, et mets ton statut à jour. Consulte des fiches de profil ou rejoins une conversation populaire pour te faire des amis dans le monde entier. Tango permet à plus de 300 millions de personnes d'échanger avec leurs proches et des personnes du monde entier.

Reste en contact avec ta famille et tes amis, gratuitement
• Passe des appels gratuits
o Appels vidéos de grande qualité
o Économise tes minutes : les appels Tango ne sont pas décomptés de ton forfait mobile
o Appelle n'importe quel numéro
• Partage des photos et des actualités, mets à jour ton statut et affiche celui des autres utilisateurs
• Envoie des SMS et crée des chats de groupe
o Connecte-toi en Wi-Fi pour ne pas consommer ton forfait données
o Personnalise tes messages avec des vidéos ou des autocollants et émoticônes amusants

Fais-toi des amis dans le monde entier
• Consulte des fiches de profil pour faire de nouvelles rencontres
o Découvrez-vous des points communs
o Ajoute les profils qui t'intéressent à tes favoris
o Démarre un chat
• Rejoins une conversation
o Quel que soit ton sujet de prédilection, tu trouveras un chat de groupe pour en discuter. Découvre les avis des autres utilisateurs.

Joue à des jeux.
• Road Riot. Jewel Raiders. Toon Squad. Défie tes amis sur plus de 15 jeux.
• 11 jeux disponibles en cours d'appel, notamment le morpion et les dames Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Tango : SMS, appels & vidéo

  •  wbierce

    wbierce It works Kinda difficult to figure out as far as adding contacts. Obviously it's not impossible to figure out but it took way more steps than needed. But as for the program... I choose this over Skype and Whatsapp. I'm overseas and when calls drop continuously, it's time to find another app. Surprisingly

  •  kellyhoyos

    kellyhoyos The best I get to talk to my wonderful Beautiful Daughters and Son. I love this fukn app lol.. it works for me cuz if I didn't I would have to slap the creator of this Tango.. ahhaa. Na but for real thow, I stay in Vegas and them Florida which I f***n hate.. yeah thx for dis lil app .. Awesome

  •  akankshasharma

    akankshasharma Very clear and no interruptions. The only thing was I did not know the caller was calling me and features are a bit different from what I am use too Amazing!

  •  stgeorges

    stgeorges Great Me and my girlfriend video chat every night and it's super fun and the games add in an extra bit of entertainment when the conversation is a little slow. I havent found any problems with the app personally and it seems to run perfectly fine on my note 7 the only thing I would like to see is more in the games section but that's only a miner thing and everything major runs with no issues Fabulous!

  •  needhelpaccounting

    needhelpaccounting Awsome I play games on it with my son when we talk so our conversation is never boring even when it's quiet. It adds to the way we have to spend time since me and his mom broke up. This is a must have for dads that aren't with their kids mom, if dad doesn't have a iPhone. Pretty good

  •  bensonsymond

    bensonsymond The design is too simple. Very few settings as far as sound, layout and color. Default ring tone is annoying and loud. Calls drop easily even when both parties are on wi fi. Doesn't have an appealing design. ..edited, it improved Great job

  •  sooperinsurance

    sooperinsurance Perfect App for Video Chat I tried to use Skype to vchat with my GF and for almost an hour it would not work. I Googled other apps and Tango was a top suggestion on several sites. We both downloaded it and within the first minute of launching Tango we were video chatting in HD quality. We've used it three nights now and it's perfect. Use Tango, zero hassle, fast and simple. I hardly rate apps but this deserves some accolades after Skype's major failure. Fantastic

  •  rich9514

    rich9514 Pushing forward into the 20th century with a vengeance Sometimes it freezes, aside from that I'm able to see them visually and I'm able to talk to them. It is a wonderful thing, maybe one day we'll be able to reach out and touch them. future Solutions. Cool

  •  perslimo

    perslimo High quality video I agree with a lot of other reviews, I'm not really planning to use all the other social features, and in some ways I'd prefer it if it was *just* a video calling app. But anyway, the video call quality is very good compared to other Android video call apps, which is why I'm using it! Brilliant

  •  JohnEvans

    JohnEvans Works Great Im not into using all kinds of features like my friends do but for the basic videochat It works great! Quick and easy to send and receive calls, when you receivi a call, asks to turn on your camera but leaves it off as a primary option in case your privacy is key. I think it works great and the video quality is spot on! Could deff help with longterm relationships especially if youre unable to see that special someone often. Great job

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